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Meet the AARC: A Live Open Panel of the AARC Executive Staff


Join us for a live and free webinar on Tuesday, April 25th at 12pm CST.

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Title: Meet the AARC: A Live Open Panel of the AARC Executive Staff

Description: Join us for a meet and greet of the AARC executive office as they welcome you to the profession and field your questions about what comes next in your career and what the AARC can do for you as a respiratory therapist at the beginning of a lucrative career.Hosted by AARC Executive Director Daniel Garrett and President Carl Hinkson, the panel will include personal testimony from an experienced respiratory therapist and an open Q&A for all attendees.This free webinar is intended for students and educators, but all members and non-members are welcome to attend and take this opportunity to interact with AARC executive staff. Bring your passion for respiratory therapy, your newfound knowledge and expertise, and your questions for the AARC!


The Next Step of Your Respiratory Therapist Journey Begins Now

The AARC can help you discover your unique path and connect you with thousands of other dedicated RTs.