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Your RT Career

Kickstart Your Career – Student Resources & Exam Guide

If you’ve just graduated and are ready to move forward in your RT career, then you’re in the right spot.

The first steps for any RT is to secure your state license and your RT credential. Use the AARC Exam Prep Course to help.

AARC’s Exam Prep Program ($299 for members, and $399 for non-members) will prepare you for the Therapist Multiple Choice and Clinical Simulation exams. This program is your roadmap to earning your CRT or RRT credential.

Once enrolled in the AARC Exam Prep Course, we’ll guide you to your customized NBRC storefront where you’ll take the initial self-assessment exams. This will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Next, you’ll get the chance to review exclusive content on the AARC University’s My Programs page, recorded by RT professionals across the U.S. This content is also aligned to the NBRC exam matrix, and covers the topics you need to focus on most.

Note, if you encounter any issues with our Exam Prep Program, always reach out to our Customer Care Team at 972-243-2272 or

Pro Tip! You only get one shot at each self-assessment, so make it count. Begin with pre-tests and once confident, move to the post-test, checking your improvement.

The AARC Exam Prep Program lets you earn up to 31 CRCE credits when you ace the post-course quizzes for each seminar. It’s great for those refreshing their knowledge while earning credit.