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What is AARC Explores?

AARC Explores delivers professional continuing education to respiratory therapy departments that is convenient, affordable, and on-demand. Departments can provide up to 10 hours of CRCE to their staff, for one low price. There’s no better way to provide department-wide education to your staff than with AARC Explores!

How it Works

  • A department representative agrees to serve as the “proctor” and purchases either the “Series”, a “License” or “Individual Videos”.
    • Individual hospital departments may purchase the complete series”.
    • Hospital/health systems may leverage their size and purchase the complete series with license.
    • Individual videos may also be purchased, but the bundled series provides the most savings.
  • Starting in March, your proctor will receive monthly access to new videos, released through December.
  • These on-demand videos may be accessed by any member of the department — at one low price.
  • The proctor is responsible for maintaining a course roster for each educational video and upon completion, must submit it to the AARC for processing.
  • Course credit will automatically be applied to the CRCE Transcript for all AARC members.


Complete 2024 Series



Complete 2024 Series with License



Individual Videos



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I’m part of a 5-hospital system. Which product do I purchase?
A1: The “Complete 2023 Series w/ License” gives your 5-hospital system a license to provide on-demand content to any respiratory therapist employed at any of the 5 hospitals. Each hospital will need to have a designated course proctor.
Q2: My department has 120 RTs in it. Is there a limit on how many people can take advantage of AARC Explores?
A2: No. The more employees there are, the more affordable AARC Explores becomes. If all 120 RTs took advantage of every video, the cost of education per employee would be less than $4.25 — for 10 CRCE!
Q3: I’m a staff RT in my department. Am I required to view all educational videos?
A3: No. You may watch as many or as few videos as you wish, but you will only receive CRCE credit for those videos you watched.
Q4: I’m not an AARC member. Can I still participate in AARC Explores?
A4: Yes. AARC Explores is not limited to AARC members, however, you will be responsible for keeping track of your own CRCE. Only AARC members will have their course credit added to their CRCE Transcript.
Q5: I’m part of a 10-hospital health system but am not interested in the entire series. Can I purchase a license agreement for individual videos?
A5: No. License agreements for health systems are only available for the entire video series.

Pathway Guides

AARC Explores Pathway Guides are your guides to the content of each series. Pathway Guides show you topics, speakers, content descriptions, and release dates for each video in the series.