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Leadership Grand Rounds

Leadership Grand Rounds

A Leadership Series for AARC Members

No matter your location, we believe all respiratory therapists are leaders. To help all AARC members further develop their professional skills, the AARC provides this non-CRCE education series: Leadership Grand Rounds.

These one-hour virtual sessions take place on the third Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Central. Leadership Grand Rounds are provided exclusively to AARC members, and the registration is free. Topics address a wide range of leadership issues. The speakers will provide participants with the knowledge to increase leadership skills and competencies.

Attendees will be able to use the chat feature to ask questions during the session and the recording and any provided ancillary materials provided by the speaker(s) will be housed in the AARC Leadership Grand Rounds Connect Community file.

Month Topic Presenter
Jan Leaders Advancing the Profession: Success Stories and a Call to Action Teri Miller and Garry Kauffman
Feb Leading Multiple Departments: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dana Evans and Dana Stauffer
March Ask the Coach! Joel Brown
April Implementing Patient Focused Respiratory Care Protocols John Emberger
May Implementation of a Pulmonary Disease Navigator Program Kim Bennion
June Leadership Development: Identifying, engaging, and developing the front-line leaders to become our successors Scott Reistad
July Bridging Worlds: Mastering Your Value Shift from Clinical Practice to Industry.
August Research-Something We Can All Do Natalie Napolitano
September Understanding Scope of Practice, Overlapping Scopes, and Reporting Violations Miriam O’Day , Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairsand Dr. William L. Croft
October The Art and Science of Effective Precepting
Tammy Kurszewski, Erica Judie, and Randy Case
November Leading by Applying Evidence-Based Practice Dean Hess
December Lessons Learned as AARC President Carl Hinkson