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AARC CRCE Accreditation Application

CRCE Application Overview

Welcome to the CRCE Accreditation Application, your gateway to obtaining accreditation for educational programs in respiratory care.

The CRCE system aligns with state boards' continuing education requirements for respiratory therapists. Accredited programs ensure:

Programs address identified educational needs for respiratory therapists.

Learning outcomes are specified through written behavioral objectives.

Programs are conducted by qualified individuals.

Content and instructional methods align with specified learning outcomes.

Methods to assess participant attainment of learning outcomes are included.

Accurate assignment of CRCE contact hours to reflect content mastery time.

Sponsors provide accurate information about course content, faculty, contact hours, and completion requirements.

Certificates of completion are awarded to participants, and contact hours are accurately reported to the AARC.

Attendance records are maintained by course sponsors.

Continuing Education Defined

CRCE serves to accredit continuing educational programs for respiratory therapists. Continuing education encompasses various learning experiences aimed at enhancing respiratory therapists’ knowledge, enabling safe and effective patient care, and addressing topics related to healthcare management, ethics, patient safety, and more. One CRCE contact hour equals 60 minutes of learning activity.

Traditional and Non-traditional Education Defined

Traditional (Provider-Directed): These programs involve real-time interaction between learners and providers, whether in-person or virtually. Examples include live lectures, webinars, and virtual conferences.

Non-traditional (Learner-Directed): Learners complete these activities at their own pace without real-time interaction. Formats include web-based courses, archived webinars, podcasts, and more.

For more details, please review the AARC CRCE Policy Manual.

CRCE Accreditation Fees and Payment Information

Accreditation incurs non-refundable fees based on program type. Fees can be paid via credit card or check. See the fee schedule below:

Traditional (Provider Directed):

  • First program date application fee: $95 (Not-For-Profit), $199 (For-Profit)
  • Subsequent program (repeat) dates: $35
  • Late fee (applications received less than 31 days prior to the course delivery date): $50

Non-traditional (Learner-Directed):

  • 1-year accreditation application fee: $95 (Not-For-Profit), $199 (For-Profit)
  • Late Fee (applications received less than 31 days prior to the course delivery date): $50

Payment, along with the application, can be made by check, money order, or major credit cards. Be sure to follow the payment instructions to avoid delays in processing.

For check or money order payments, send payment to the AARC office at the address provided.

AARC State Society CRCE Application Information

Provider-directed (Traditional) programs sponsored by AARC State Societies are exempt from application fees. However, Non-traditional program applications still incur fees. Late fees apply if applications are submitted within 31 days of the program date. The AARC will determine fee waivers based on specific circumstances.  Please note, representatives of AARC State Societies who submit CRCE applications must be active members of the AARC. 

What Happens After Application Submission

Once submitted, you’ll receive an acknowledgment email. Your application will be assigned to a reviewer, and you’ll be notified of any additional information required during the review process. Upon completion, you’ll receive an email notification indicating whether your course has been approved or disapproved, along with a course number if approved.

Professional Credential Requirements for Presenting Clinical Topics

Presenters/authors must be content experts with qualifications and credentials relevant to respiratory care. They should deliver content in a clear and unbiased manner, without commercial influence. The provider is responsible for ensuring presenter/author qualifications.

Content Designation Explanations

Programs will receive specific content designations based on the session content, ensuring alignment with the subject matter.

Reporting Attendance

Upon approval, a roster template will be provided for you to submit course attendance. Please email the completed roster to after your event concludes.

Obtaining Receipt or Invoice for CRCE Applications

Your payment receipt will be emailed upon payment submission. You can also access receipts in your MyAARC account’s invoices page.

Browser Requirements

Ensure a smooth experience by using compatible browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Internet Explorer 7+ is not compatible with our application site.

We hope this overview assists you in navigating the CRCE® Application process effectively. For detailed instructions, refer to the provided links and resources.