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AARC Advocacy Agenda

AARC Advocacy and Government Affairs Agenda 

The AARC Advocacy and Government Affairs program works to expand the recognition of respiratory therapists and the profession as a whole in treating individuals who suffer from acute and chronic respiratory diseases. Most importantly, we establish a legislative agenda each session of Congress to inform and educate Congressional leaders about the profession and how respiratory therapists improve the lives of respiratory patients through their expertise and skills. 

This page has links to the current AARC advocacy agenda and the resources we use to support our advocacy efforts in Congress. 

The 118th Congress convened in Washington, DC on January 3, 2023 and concludes on January 3, 2025.  For the 118th Congress the AARC has prioritized Medicare oxygen payment reform, and virtual pulmonary rehabilitation as a telehealth benefit. 

The AARC received a grant from the Department of Defense to establish an interstate compact for respiratory care.  The grant began in 2023 with the establishment of a Technical Assistance Group (TAG) established by the Council of State Governments.  The grant will run for two years and result in model state legislation and a strategy for implementation.