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Your RT Career

Make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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Why be an RT?

It’s a Calling

Helping others in their time of need is the foundation of respiratory therapy.

For the Challenge

Respiratory therapy offers great variety and multiple advancement opportunities. You define your career path.

Lifelong Learning

If you like working with technology and you have a passion for math and science, then this may be your career path.

Solid Career

Respiratory therapists are in high demand, and the profession continues to grow.

Service to others is the foundation of the Respiratory Care profession. RTs make it their mission to deliver consistent, high-quality patient care. You’ll find RTs helping improve the care of patients at all stages of life and in dozens of circumstances. 

Keeping the patient experience at the forefront is paramount. Treating each patient with expert skill, dedication, and genuine care makes the Respiratory Care profession vital to the entire health care system. Hear what RTs have to say.

Each day, each experience brings new challenges, making the career of an RT a rewarding path.

Respiratory therapy is an art and a science, taking precise skills to ensure the best care is delivered to all patients. RTs spend years refining their skills, even beyond the respiratory therapy program. Each year, RTs continue their education to maintain their licensure. RTs are lifelong learners.

Learn more about how RT is a solid career choice.