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AARC Volunteer-led Grassroots Advocacy Committee

The AARC Volunteer-led Grassroots Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee reports to the Board of Directors and works closely with the Advocacy and Government Affairs staff in AARC’s Executive Office. The committee serves as a resource to State Affiliates by promoting and supporting grassroots activities to further AARC’s legislative agenda. Please note the AARC only engages in State Legislation involving licensure and scope of practice issues.  

The Committee encourages Affiliates to visit with Members of Congress when Congressional leaders are in their home districts during Congressional recess. The Committee also works with AARC’s Political Action Contact Team representatives by providing peer-to-peer support especially for those attending the Respiratory Fly-in for the first time.  

The volunteers who comprise this Committee are assigned state groupings in an effort to maintain continuity of resources. If you need assistance or have best practices to share, please reach out to Miriam O’Day, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at  Miriam will help assist you and can help to identify how to contact your peer support volunteer. 

2024 Goals and Objectives for the Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee 

1) Increase engagement of state & federal affiliate efforts (Q4 2024) 

2) Increase the number of unique advocates participating in virtual lobby campaigns (Q42024) 

3) Advocate for funding appropriations for the Allied Healthcare Workforce Diversity Act (Q32024) 

4) Support PACT event in Washington, DC (Q2 2024) 


2024 Measurable Outcomes for the Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee 

1) Up to 10 state affiliates will hold respiratory care lobbying events (aka legislative days). (Q4 2024) 

2) Up to 10 state affiliates will attend/hold in state meetings with Federal elected officials. (Q4 2024) 

3) Increase advocacy letters sent through AARC Advocacy Software by 10%. (Q4 2024) 

4) Appropriation of funds for the Allied Healthcare Workforce Diversity Act in House & Senate. (Q3 2024) 

5) Successful completion of PACT event. (May 2024, in Person, Washington, DC) 


List of Current Committee Members 

Committee Members 
Michael Madison, Chair 
Carrie Bourassa 
Caitlin Coppock 
Lisa Fuchs 
Megan Koster 
Natalie Napolitano 
Michelle Pedicone 
Raymond Pisani 
Roger Richardson 
Keith Seigel 
Camille Stover 
Gary Wickman 
Carolyn Williams 
Kimberly Chambers 
Jerin Juby 
Jamy Chulak 
Miriam O’Day, Staff Liaison