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MyAARC Questions

Your MyAARC account is where you can manage your profile details, set your email preferences, and see the courses you’ve taken. We encourage you to keep your profile updated to ensure you are maximizing your membership benefits.

MyAARC is your account profile for your AARC membership. This is where you will find your profile information and receipts, view membership status, review downloadable purchases, and see the committees you are in.

Go to

When you first log into MyAARC, you will need to use your assigned membership default password. To be specific, your assigned default password is your membership ID number, plus your lowercase initials.

Default password example:
Name: Mark Smith
Member ID: 9659538
Password: 9659538ms ← (membership ID along with his Mark Smith’s ms lowercase initials)

Most of these items can be accessed from your MyAARC shortcut page.

These items can also be accessed from the navigation menu. For example:

  • Account Profile: Sign into MyAARC. Click “My Account” –> “My Profile.”
  • Membership Status: Sign into MyAARC. Click “My Account” –> “Membership Status.”

Steps for Joining a Webcast

To access a LIVE webcast, follow these steps:

  1. Login to with your AARC ID and password
  2. Click on the “Education” link in the blue header at the top of the webpage
  3. Select “My Programs” from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on the name of the LIVE webcast you are registered for
  5. Click on the “Launch” button to start the webcast

After logging into MyAARC, select the CRCE button from your shortcuts page.

You can also access the CRCE page by selecting “Education” –> “My Transcript” from the menu bar.

If I haven’t changed my default password from when I joined AARC, what do I do?

If you never changed your assigned default password when you initially joined and signed up for an AARC ID (or Member #) account, then you can sign in as you always do on Only those users who have changed their default passwords had their passwords reset to the default password when MyAARC went live, which is your AARC ID (or Member #) and lowercase initials.

Will I be able to change my password after I’ve logged in to my account with the default password?

Yes, after you log into MyAARC with your default password (see above example) you will be able to change your password.

Go to “My Account” –> “Change Password” to make your desired password changes.

What should I do if I believe my account information is inaccurate?

If you find a discrepancy or errors related to your account, contact customer care immediately so that they can ensure your service is restored promptly.

You can reach customer care at 972-243-2272 or