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Leadership & Governance

A Board of Directors, in conjunction with a House of Delegates, governs our Association. Both groups are volunteer-led, elected by AARC members to set the direction for AARC. 

Daily operations are maintained by a paid staff team, working to meet member needs and advance the organization.

AARC is sponsored by the American Thoracic Society, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. A Board of Medical Advisors representing these sponsoring organizations and other major physician groups serves in an advisory capacity for AARC.

AARC also co-sponsors and appoints representatives to several external stakeholder groups like the National Board for Respiratory Care, the body that administers nationally recognized credentialing examinations for respiratory therapists and other allied health practitioners. We support the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, the accrediting body for schools of Respiratory Care, and the American Respiratory Care Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting research, education, and charitable purposes.

AARC Bylaws and Policy

The AARC follows Bylaws and our Policy and Procedure Manual to operate effectively. These items are always available to members for review. Download them now:

Members interested in proposing edits or changes to the bylaws can complete the AARC Bylaws Change Form.

All AARC projects and programs support our strategic plan, mission, and vision. Learn more

For a history of the AARC, visit our Timeline or take a moment to browse our Virtual Museum.

What’s the difference between AARC, NBRC, and CoARC?

  • AARC is a professional membership organization providing education, advocacy, and RT clinical practice guidelines for the profession.
  • NBRC is the credentialing body for the profession.
  • CoARC is the agency which accredits respiratory care educational programs.

Learn more about the AARC House of Delegates here.