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PACT - Political Action Contact Team

PACT – Political Action Contact Team

The Political Action Contact Team also known as PACT is a group of volunteers that supports the AARC legislative agenda.  PACT members represent their State Respiratory Societies at the Annual Respiratory Fly-in and have their own section on AARC Connects. 

 The AARC Annual Respiratory Fly-in  

 The Annual Respiratory Care Fly-In is a time for RTs to come together in Washington, D.C. to fight for their patients and the profession. The Fly-In is a special collaboration between the AARC and our state affiliates.  AARC pays for 4 nights hotel for 2 representatives and meals while advocates are in town.  The state affiliate covers the cost of travel for the state representatives.  AARC encourages respiratory therapists and pulmonary patients to participate in the Fly-in but individuals will have to cover the cost of the trip if they are not part of the state affiliate team. 

 Our annual return to Washington is a strong display of AARC’s continuous fight for legislation that advances the profession and betters the lives of respiratory therapists and their patients. Members of the Executive Office, Voluntary Government Affairs Committee, and Board of Directors generally join the PACT and other advocates in Washington, D.C.  

 In 2024 the Annual Respiratory Fly-in will be held on May 6-7, 2024.  This year we will be focused on pulmonary rehab via telehealth and Medicare oxygen payment reform.  You may register for the event at the following here. 

 Prior to Annual Respiratory Fly-in, the AARC encourages our members to support our agenda via a virtual lobbying event when thousands of letters are sent to Capitol Hill.  Our state societies provide similar activities at the grassroots level, and are encourage to engage with their Congressional leaders when they are home in their District offices, or maybe even attending important public events like a town hall meeting.