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About Us

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is the leading national and international professional association for Respiratory Care. We work with RTs to encourage, promote, and facilitate their professional excellence. We do that by advancing the science and practice of Respiratory Care and serving as an advocate for patients and their families, the public, the profession, and each unique and individual respiratory therapist.


At AARC, we are the catalyst to:

Advance and promote the Respiratory Care profession.

Help move RTs forward at each stage of their career.

Bring RTs from across the globe together to learn and share expertise.

Provide the research and education needed to stay up-to-the-minute on advances in Respiratory Care

To unite, support, elevate, and advance the respiratory care profession now and into the future.

AARC Vision and Mission Statement

AARC will be the leading organization to advance the profession of respiratory care worldwide.

AARC is the foremost professional association promoting respiratory therapists.

Our Values

Inspired Momentum: We are a catalyst for advancement and elevation of respiratory therapists and the profession.

Nimble Organization: We are dynamic and adaptable, embracing change, efficiency and innovation with agility.

Inclusive Community: We welcome all and are wholly better and strengthened by our diverse membership.

Unified Integrity: We stand together with our members and partners to embody the highest ethical and scientific standards.

Passionate Intention: We are purposeful in our leadership to achieve extraordinary impact.


The International Council for Respiratory Care

The International Council for Respiratory Care (ICRC) is dedicated to advancing the safe, effective and ethical practice of respiratory care worldwide. The ICRC strives to accomplish its mission through five primary initiatives.


The American Respiratory Care Foundation

ARCF is dedicated to promoting respiratory health through research, education, and patient-focused philanthropic activities.


Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care is the foremost scientific journal in the profession, publishing original research, invited reviews, systematic reviews, narrative reviews, editorials, and special articles.


Be An RT

Designed for career seekers, Be An RT offers guidance on everything from finding an educational program to earning a license to practice.