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Effects of The Canada Wildfires Highlight The Need for RT’s


June 8, 2023

As smoke from Canada wildfires blanketed the Eastern half of the U.S. this week, putting millions at risk from unhealthy air quality, major media outlets have turned to the AARC and our members for help and guidance. The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, NBC and CBS News Online, The Boston Globe, Yahoo News!, HuffPost, and even Vogue have requested advice from respiratory therapists to help their readers. Thanks to our members who have generously shared their expertise to help others.

Here are the articles that have been published as of June 8, 2 pm CST

AARC member Brady Scott, PhD, RRT-ACCS, FAARC, AE-C, FCCP, is included in an NBC news article, video as well as Yahoo News  and The Boston Globe, in an article titled, “Here’s what you need to know to stay safe from Canadian wildfire smoke.” “How poor air quality hurts your health.” and “We are under additional threat from the wildfires’: Respiratory therapist answers questions on air quality” NBC Online, NBC Chicago, Yahoo News, and The Boston Globe

AARC member Rich Branson, MSc, RRT, FAARC, FCCM, is included in The Wall Street Journal, “To Escape This Hazardous Air, Set Up a ‘Clean Room’ at Home”. Read it Here

AARC member Doug Laher, MBA, RRT, CAE, CMP, FAARC, is included in Vogue, in an article titled, “Is the Air Quality in the Northeast Giving You a Headache? You’re Not Alone.” as well as an article on CBS Online in an article called “Here’s how to ensure you get the best air purifier for wildfire smoke.” Vogue, and CBS News Online.

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