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AARC’s APRT Summit: Paving the Way for Respiratory Care Advancement


In his Presidential Address at AARC Congress 2023, Carl Hinkson shared advancements in developing a roadmap for the Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist (APRT). Hinkson’s address highlighted AARC’s recent “APRT Summit” held in Washington DC —a gathering of 15 influential figures comprising leaders from academia, advocacy groups, physician stalwarts, and impassioned patient advocates.  His speech echoed the resounding call for collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication in realizing the vision of establishing the APRT role nationwide. 

The primary objective of the summit was to sculpt a meticulously detailed roadmap with quantifiable, and measurable goals. The aim? To lay the foundation for the successful development of APRT academic programs across the country and changes in state legislation.   

As a follow up to the summit, the AARC Board of Directors (BOD) recently approved a $250,000 fund to be earmarked as seed money for colleges, universities and state societies. This financial impetus serves a dual purpose; 1) to fund release time for academic program directors to develop curricula for new APRT programs; and 2) provide financial support for state lobbyists in their pursuit of APRT licensure.  

The “Advance RT Fund” symbolizes more than just a financial commitment. It stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the AARC towards elevating the respiratory care profession. The fund paves the way for a future where APRTs are accessible to patients nationwide. The APRT fund is still in development, and applications are scheduled to launch in the latter part of 2024. Please stay tuned for details.

The strategic allocation of these resources signifies a proactive investment—one that resonates with the ethos of progress, innovation, and advancement in healthcare. It’s not merely a grant; it’s a commitment to bettering patient outcomes and advancing the profession. 

The APRT Summit may have marked the beginning, but there is much work that lies ahead. National expansion of the APRT will require a collective effort from the entire profession. Rest assured though that the AARC is here to lead the way.  


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