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AARC Advocacy Leads a Quick Response to Protect RT Programs and Students


In an effort to protect Title IV grant recipients (recipients of Federal financial aid funds), the Department of Education is seeking to expand the definition of third-party servicers (TPS), requesting public comments on the new definition. The AARC and CoARC worked quickly to respond to the DOE, opposing the expanded definition, because the change in the definition of third-party servicers (TPS) would impact the clinical setting that is necessary for students to complete their training and to become qualified respiratory therapists. We believe that it is incorrect to identify clinical facilities as third-party servicers because it places a burden on the respiratory therapy program – which would lead to the loss of clinical sites that are willing to accept students.

Read the AARC and CoARC response here.

04/20/23 Update

Due to our combined efforts, we are happy to update our members that this quick response was successful and the DOE has clarified its definition of TPS so that the interests of respiratory therapists are protected.

Read the full announcement here.


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