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5 FAQ About Congress 2023


The anticipation for AARC Congress 2023 is growing as the event approaches. Respiratory care professionals and enthusiasts from around the world are eager to gather and immerse themselves in the latest developments and trends in the field. To help you prepare for this prestigious event, here are five frequently asked questions (FAQ) about AARC Congress 2023.

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Q1: What Is AARC Congress, and Who Should Attend?

A1: AARC Congress is the annual flagship event organized by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). It is the largest gathering of respiratory care professionals, including respiratory therapists, pulmonologists, nurses, and educators. This event is designed for anyone involved in or interested in the field of respiratory care, from students and early career professionals to seasoned experts.

Q2: When and Where Is AARC Congress 2023 Taking Place?

A2: AARC Congress 2023 will be held from Nov. 5–8 in Nashville, TN. Be sure to regularly check the official AARC congress website or event updates for the most accurate details

Q3: What Can I Expect from AARC Congress 2023?

A3: AARC Congress offers a comprehensive program featuring keynote presentations, educational sessions, workshops, hands-on demonstrations, networking opportunities, and an expansive exhibit hall. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in respiratory care, learn from leading experts in the field, and connect with peers to exchange ideas and best practices. For more about what to expect visit the schedule website.

Q4: How Can I Register for AARC Congress 2023?

A4: Registration for AARC Congress typically opens several months before the event. To register, visit the official AARC Congress website and follow the registration instructions. Be sure to review the registration deadlines, fees, and any available discounts or scholarships. Early registration is often encouraged to secure the best rates and guarantee your spot at this prestigious event.

Q5: What are some things to do in Nashville?

A5: AARC wants you to have fun while in Nashville! Nashville offers an array of attractions that can make decision-making a delightful challenge. With its music, food, history, and nature, there’s something for everyone. The difficulty lies in choosing where to begin your adventure in Music City! Check out this guide from Tripadvisor!


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