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2024 Pathway Guide

Lecturer: Sharon Newport, CAE

An inspiring presentation to align the power of the individual care provider and collective impact of the respiratory therapy profession. When ME and WE align we can wield the power of the individual and the community to help transform lives and make a lasting impact. Leave this presentation with a fresh perspective that will open your heart and your mind to new possibilities and a renewed purpose.

Lecturer: Michael Klompas, MD, MPH

This lecture will present the current state of the art regarding the ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and the ventilator-associated event ( VAE) definitions. The speaker will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on VAP and the VAE framework moving forward. VAE definitions have perplexed respiratory therapists and other health care professionals with the relationship to VAP. This talk will demystify this relationship and the definitions and provide an evidence-based review of VAP prevention.

Lecturer:  Mike Hess, MPH, RRT, RPFT

Oxygen therapy has been a mainstay therapy for severe respiratory conditions for decades. However, a series of policy decisions over the last 25 years has constrained research, innovation, and advancement in this space. That, in turn, has led to barriers to access and even patients’ basic understanding of their therapy.

This presentation will review the path to our present land of confusion, the current state of oxygen therapy, and why ongoing advocacy efforts to modernize the delivery of this vital therapeutic are so critical. After all, everybody needs oxygen, but some bodies need a little extra!

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