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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should purchase this product?
This product was developed to supplement preceptor training both at the college level and at the respiratory care department level. Hospital administrators, department educators, and college respiratory care faculty may purchase the product to improve preceptor interaction with students and trainees. This product is not intended for individual purchase.
How do I purchase this product?
Purchase this course in the AARC Online Store. Once the order is processed, you will receive an email from the AARC with information on how to access the course.
How does the CRCE® work?
The course administrator may award 2 CRCE® upon successful completion of the course, which includes video tutorials, workbook entries, and a post-test. A certificate will be provided upon successful completion and the course administrator may submit a course roster to the AARC Continuing Education Coordinator for posting of credits earned.
Will this course work on my mobile device?
Clinical PEP: Practices of Effective Preceptors has been tested and works on iOS and Android devices.
How is this course delivered?
This course has a flexible format that allows you to utilize it in a way that is meaningful to your department or program. You can deliver the course one-on-one, in a group setting, or through independent study. You can use the course to track inter-rater reliability and supplement your CoARC preceptor training program or to standardize training for your preceptors.
How many preceptors are included in the purchase?
The course administrator may provide access to this course with the access code to as many preceptors as needed. Hospital departments may provide the training to all staff therapists or to select staff therapists; respiratory care educational programs may provide the training to all respiratory therapists employed by contracted affiliates who interact with their students.
How do I use the forms in this course?

The following forms are included in this course:

  • Attendance log: to be used by the course administrator to report successful completion of the course and request CRCE® to be added to the participant’s AARC transcript.
  • Certificate of completion: to be provided to the course participant by the course administrator upon successful completion.
  • Clinical PEP tests: to be used by the course administrator to evaluate the knowledge level of the participant.
  • Clinical PEP workbook: to be used by the course participant to record observations while watching the course videos.
  • Instructional PowerPoint® handouts: to be used by the course participants if note taking is desired.
  • Preceptor behavior data collection: to be used by the course administrator to track the participants’ performance in the Clinical PEP workbook.
  • Preceptor evaluation data collection: to be used by the course administrator to track the participants’ performance on the post-test.