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Texas Society for Respiratory Care at HOSA


The Texas Society for Respiratory Care President, Mary Hart, was contacted by a HOSA student, Sofia Stenson, from the UPLIFT North Hills Preparatory High School. After she attended the National HOSA event in Irving, Texas she was so impressed with her RT experience that she hoped her fellow HOSA students could have an opportunity to learn more about becoming a Respiratory Therapist and the profession.

On Nov. 17,2023 the TSRC, AARC and some of the North Texas Region Respiratory Care Programs: Concorde College, Angie Brunkhardt; Collin College, Liza Potyok and Chloe Murillos -RT Students; Dallas College, Flo Lockett-Miles; Mid-Western State University, Tammy Kurszewski (donated lab equipment); Tarrant Community College, Amie Lowe; Weatherford College, Christel Brenner; and RT Students from the different programs,  gathered after school with about 60 HOSA Students, Advisor and Faculty to meet and learn more about the being a Respiratory Therapist.

Five separate stations were setup and managed by RTs and RT Students. The stations offered HOSA students an opportunity to hear first-hand about becoming a RT and their love for the profession. Groups of students rotated through the different stations every 15-20 minutes. Each station was different and offered education with hands-on practice using the same equipment used in RT program labs include: airway models, intubation models, ABG arms, breath sounds equipment, and pulse oximetry. We also had Pig lungs (normal and diseased) and “snot” on display. Of course, the students asked the question about “How do you get pigs to smoke?”

The TSRC is committed to reducing the current shortage of RTs in the US.  Engagement with High School Students, especially HOSA students, is a good way to engage, initiate conversation and promote the profession of Respiratory Therapy.  Having support of Respiratory Care programs throughout the state of Texas participate in these events is crucial and very beneficial for all. We Make A Great Team!

Also, AARC has developed tools and tips that are currently available and very helpful that outline how to set up a HOSA event.

Email with questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Mara Gillispie is the Content Manager for the AARC where she creates engaging content for the association via the AARC website, newsletters, and videos. Connect with her about potential stories by email, website, or LinkedIn. When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with her dog Kya, playing softball or volleyball, watching friends, and attending Dallas sports events.


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