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January and February’s Finest: The Top 9 Courses You Can’t Miss!

Prepare to dive into the most exciting courses of January and February! Explore essential topics like aerosol delivery devices, lessons from COVID-19, and innovative staffing strategies. With a range of free member exclusives (excluding the vital California Law and Professional Ethics course), it’s time to boost your skills and stay ahead of the game!

  1. A Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices for Respiratory Therapists- 5th Edition
  2. CRCE Through the Journal January 2024
  3. COVID-19: Lessons Learned
  4. (Webcast) Capacity Strain as a Staffing Model: Managing Resources to Support Safety and Value
  5. CRCE Through the Journal December 2023
  6. Clinical Application and Case Studies Applying the TCAV method of APRV
  7. California Law and Professional Ethics Course (23)
  8. (Webcast) February 2024 RESPIRATORY CARE JournalCast
  9. Science and Clinical Research of APRV using the TCAV Method

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