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American Association’s Gratitude for Respiratory Therapists this Thanksgiving


As Thanksgiving approaches, the American Association takes a moment to extend heartfelt gratitude to the unsung heroes of healthcare: respiratory therapists. In this season of thankfulness, we recognize and appreciate the tireless dedication, compassion, and expertise that respiratory therapists bring to their crucial roles in patient care.

Respiratory therapists play an invaluable role in healthcare, particularly in the treatment and management of respiratory conditions and critical care situations. Their commitment to improving patient outcomes, providing respiratory support, and offering comfort to individuals and families facing challenging health circumstances is truly commendable.

This Thanksgiving, we want to express our profound appreciation for the unwavering commitment of respiratory therapists across the country. Their professionalism, expertise, and compassion embody the spirit of caregiving that makes a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals.

As a token of appreciation, the American Association wishes all respiratory therapists a joyful and fulfilling Thanksgiving celebration. May this holiday be a moment of rest, joy, and connection with loved ones, allowing them to recharge and return with renewed dedication to their vital work.

Please note that our headquarters will be closing early on November 22nd and will remain closed on November 23rd and 24th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. We appreciate your understanding and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

As an association committed to supporting healthcare professionals, we extend our deepest gratitude to respiratory therapists everywhere and hope this Thanksgiving brings them the joy and appreciation they truly deserve.


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