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AARC Encourages and Supports New RT Students at HOSA Conference 


Respiratory therapists are in short supply across the country. For the past several years, AARC has been helping combat this issue through our premier partnership with HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America).  

From June 25-28, the collective efforts of AARC staff, members of the AARC Workforce Recovery Taskforce, and student volunteers were on full display in Houston, Texas, at the annual HOSA International Leadership Conference. Their contributions, including teaching educational workshops, judging respiratory therapy competitive events, distributing two scholarships, and hosting an exhibit booth with AARC swag and hands-on learning, all served to underscore the significance and importance of a career in respiratory therapy to the 12,000+ students in attendance.

Congratulations to Paige Moichalec from Illinois and Meadow McClimsey from Kentucky, who received AARC’s first HOSA scholarships of $1,000 each! In addition, thanks to all of the state affiliates who sent members to HOSA state meetings throughout the past year to discuss respiratory therapy careers. Your passion and engagement made a difference to the students who were excited to stop by our booth and/or compete in the HOSA RT events!

Get Involved with HOSA Locally 

In the upcoming months, state AARC affiliates are encouraged to keep the momentum going and engage with HOSA in their local communities. Don’t know where to start? AARC is here to help! We’ve created a Be an RT kit that state societies can borrow for an upcoming HOSA or community college event. Affiliates can also download our digital toolkit for more activities and brainstorming ideas. Learn more!


The Next Step of Your Respiratory Therapist Journey Begins Now

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