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We believe the future of Respiratory Care is only possible together.

Bringing RTs Together

One of the greatest benefits of AARC membership is your instant access to colleagues across the globe. We make this possible through a members-only access to our Officiary and AARConnect, a networking platform. To reach out to all RTs, AARC remains active on several social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Be An RT Instragram, and X. You can also connect locally with your State Society. 

AARC members may also join Specialty Sections, connecting with colleagues in their field of respiratory care. 


Ways to Join the AARC Community

AARC Officiary

AARC members have access to the AARC Officiary, which has contact information for the AARC Board of Directors, executive office, committees, and group members, plus state society presidents, delegates, and executive offices.

AARC Social Media

Give us a follow on our social media channels, and stay up to the minute with our latest news, insights, and community efforts.


AARConnect is our member-only professional networking platform. Here you can ask questions, share resources and connect with leaders of our profession. To access AARConnect, you will use your login credentials. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Care team at 972-243-2272 or Log on today and start connecting!

Specialty Sections

Membership in AARC Specialty Sections connects you to others who practice in your area of Respiratory Care. Programs created by Specialty Section members are integral to the AARC Summer Forum and AARC International Congress.

To add a Specialty Section to your membership, call Customer Care at (972) 243-2272.