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HOSA Reimbursement Form for State Societies

Purpose of the fund:

The purpose of the fund is to assist State Societies who wish to participate in state-level HOSA conferences, competitions and related events. The AARC Board has designated a maximum $200 grant to be made available to each state affiliate. If the AARC HOSA booth kit is shipped, the maximum grant will be $150.00 to cover the cost of shipping the kit to and from a HOSA conference. This grant can be applied to these HOSA related costs:

  • AARC HOSA booth kit shipping (a $50 fee is applied to cover shipping costs)
  • HOSA event registration
  • HOSA exhibiting space costs
  • HOSA workshop or event development costs
  • Materials costs including printing expenses


The AARC President must approve all grants

A grant will only be approved for one (1) HOSA activity for that state society annually.

Grant request procedure:

The State Society President completes the online grant request and sends to the AARC executive office using the application form on this page.

The AARC executive office will advise the State Society of the approved grant.

The grant request should be submitted within 30 days prior to or following the HOSA event.

Responsibility for expenses:

The affiliate will be responsible for paying all expenses related to their HOSA initiative.

Payment of the grant:

Copies of affiliate-paid invoices should be submitted via the AARC executive office to reconcile grant.

Send receipts of expenses to:

  • Erica Coleman (
  • Subject line: HOSA receipts

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Grant Information

Estimate or reflect the costs associated with your HOSA event. Grants are approved up to $200 per state society per annum.
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