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Efficacy of Nebulizers and Interfaces in Pediatric Asthma

About This Course

The speaker will discuss the manuscript published in the October 2020 issue of RESPIRATORY CARE: “Clinical Efficacy of Vibrating Mesh and Jet Nebulizers with Different Interfaces in the Pediatric Asthma Patient.” The presentation will focus on the research design and interpretation of the results.

Successful completion of this course requires a score of 70% on the post-test.

Original webcast date: August 26, 2020

**Please note that all programs require the participant to view the entire program prior to taking the final quiz and obtaining a course certificate.**

Seminar Objectives

Identify the research question of the study

Identify the study design

Discuss the main results of the study

Discuss the implications of the study on patient care


Speaker Information
  • Natalie Napolitano MPH, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC