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Assessment-Guided Asthma Education: Match the Message to the Need

About This Course

This presentation focuses on high-impact education addressing individual self-care needs that are uncovered by EPR3-compliant assessments, including patient access to and use of medications (adherence), adequacy of inhalation technique, recognition and avoidance of environmental triggers, self-monitoring routines, and readiness for managing asthma emergencies.

Successful completion of this course requires a score of 70% on the post-test.

Original Webcast Date May 23, 2017

**Please note that all programs require the participant to view the entire program prior to taking the final quiz and obtaining a course certificate.**

Seminar Objectives

Describe the need for and value of standardized, EPR3-compliant assessments across settings of care

Compare the use of evidence-based educational interventions to the 6 pharmacotherapy therapy steps advocated by EPR3 guidelines

Identify opportunities for using administrative claims data to partner with insurers and clinicians to deliver reimbursable asthma education to individuals with elevated risk or impairment


Speaker Information
  • Ben Francisco PhD, PNP, AE-C