A New Database Platform and a New Way to Manage Your Account – MyAARC

A New Membership Database Platform

AARC is transitioning to a new membership database platform in late September 2018 called MyAARC that will offer one-stop features to preview your profile, membership status and CRCE transcripts; and a new browsing experience for shopping and online purchasing. Please know that the AARC team is working diligently to ensure this transition impacts your services positively and as minimally as possible over the coming months.

image of MyAARC PDF iconDownload our Quick Reference Guide to learn more about MyAARC.

Website access during transition

During this transition period, you may experience intermittent access to any AARC websites or services listed below. We want to thank you in advance for your patience if this occurs.

  • AARC Accounts (Member and Non-member)
  • AARC University (courses and webcasts)
  • AARConnect
  • AARC Store
  • AARC Event Registration

Why do we need a new membership database platform?

Our needs have long overgrown the database’s capability, which is pieced together through various systems without one central system of record. The new membership platform will allow AARC to improve data analysis and account management, which in turn will help us better serve our members for the coming years.

Information You Should Know:

CRCE transcripts earlier than 2012 will no longer be available after Sept. 24, 2018

Accessing your CRCE transcript is an important benefit for AARC Members. However, to ensure that our new database platform runs efficiently, it is necessary for AARC to cease preserving transcript records beyond seven years.

If you do not know how to access your transcript, watch the video below for instructions.

If you need further assistance, the AARC customer service team can help – requests for assistance must be received by Sept. 19, 2018. Customer service cannot guarantee delivery of your transcript if assistance is requested after September 19. Call 972-243-2272 during business hours 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. CT Monday-Friday or email info@aarc.org.

Your AARC login password will change to a default password on Sept. 27, 2018

On Sept. 27 your existing login password will reset to a default password. All existing users (members and non-members) will be required to log in the first time on our website using their default password. Default passwords for all users will include your AARC ID number (or Member # if you’re a Member) plus your lowercase initials.

Default Password Example:
Name: Mark Smith
AARC ID (or Member #): 9659538
Password: 9659538ms (AARC ID (or membership #) along with Mark Smith’s ms lowercase initials)

MyAARC Checklist

Do I really need to be this engaged and informed about a membership organization and changing databases?

Ehh, maybe not. But we’d just rather you not be surprised. Follow this checklist to ensure a smooth experience as we transition to MyAARC:

Make sure before Sept. 24, 2018 you download or print your CRCE transcript records older than seven years if needed.
Know that it’s possible some parts of our website could be down for brief periods in the coming month.
On or after Sept. 27, 2018 login with your default password to ensure you have access to your new MyAARC account.
Once logged in browse through your account to get familiar with the new platform.


If you have additional questions about the new MyAARC membership platform, review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact AARC Customer Service at info@aarc.org or call 972-243-2272.