Monday, June 26

6:30 am–7:30 am | Room TBA | All Tracks

Light Continental Breakfast for Registered Attendees and Exhibitors

7:30 am–8:20 am | Room TBA | All Tracks

Finding the Evidence: Separating Science From Fake News

Dean R. Hess

Dean R. Hess PhD RRT FAARC, Boston MA

What is the best evidence? When do you trust a colleague; and when do you need a randomized controlled trial? This lecture will describe an approach to the scientific method to facilitate decision-making based on evidence rather than anecdote.

8:30 am–9:10 am | Room TBA | Manager Track

Interdisciplinary Care Redesign: Achieving Continuous Improvement in Quality, Cost, and Patient Experience Through a Standardized Approach

Julianne Buchler

Julianne Buchler RN MBA, Chicago IL

Care redesign aims to improve outcomes through a structured interdisciplinary process of standardizing approaches to patient management. The presentation will provide an overview of this novel approach including tools and key success factors for achieving sustained change aligned with organizational objectives and informed by data.

8:30 am–9:55 am

COARC SYMPOSIUM: Strategies for Improving Program Graduate's Ability to Transition Successfully to Employment

Kenneth Winn

8:30 am–9:10 am | Room Arizona Ballroom 7-12 | Education Track

Bridging the Gap: A Department Manager's Perspective

Kenneth Winn MHA RRT, Hamden CT

Orienting and ensuring competence in new RT employees is vital to providing safe and effective care for patients. It is resource intensive and department managers often struggle with how to make the orientation process a successful one for both the graduate and the employer. This presentation discusses the challenges faced by both the employer and the new employee during the transition process and methods that promote a successful transition.

Allen N. Gustin Jr.

9:15 am–9:55 am | Room Arizona Ballroom 7-12 | Education Track

Bridging the Gap: An Accreditor's Perspective

Allen N. Gustin Jr. MD FCCP, Chicago IL

Accreditation organizations have been tasked by policy makers and the public to improve the quality of patient care and to adapt to the ever-changing health care environment. Competency evaluation requires the use of milestones as a cornerstone of the evaluation process. This presentation will provide an overview of competency-based evaluation, provide examples of competency-based evaluations that respiratory education programs can use to implement the concept of milestones, and demonstrate how to successfully implement these competencies as per the 2015 CoARC Standards.

9:15 am–9:55 am | Room TBA | Manager Track

The Discharge Planning Checklist

Krystal Craddock

Krystal Craddock BSRC RRT-NPS CCM, Sacramento CA

As more RTs are taking on the role of case manager and navigator we must change our thinking from critical care to what our patients will need when they arrive home from the hospital. This presentation will guide RTs on what to consider when planning the patient's discharge.

10:00 am–10:40 am | Room TBA | Manager Track

Pursuing an Expanded Scope of Practice: To the Top of Your License

Robert L. Joyner Jr.

Robert L. Joyner Jr. PhD RRT-ACCS FAARC, Salisbury NY

Patient care continues to evolve at a brisk pace with sicker patients being cared for with fewer resources. Sufficient staffing expansion is not usually an option and other providers do not have our education training or expertise. The solution to this problem lies in our ability to practice at the top of our license.

10:00 am–10:40 am

Responding To Classroom Safety

Douglas S. Gardenhire

10:00 am–10:40 am | Room Arizona Ballroom 7-12 | Education Track

Responding to Classroom Safety: Preparing a Department Safety Policy

Douglas S. Gardenhire EdD RRT-NPS FAARC, Atlanta GA

This lecture will discuss faculty and administrative components related to department and classroom safety. The presenter will discuss developing departmental and classroom safety goals, developing departmental and classroom emergency response plans, and the implementation of a safety plan.

10:40 am–11:20 am | Room TBA | All Tracks

Exhibitor Break

11:20 am–12:00 pm | Room TBA | Education Track

EURECA: Enhance Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson EdD RRT-NPS, Wichita Falls TX

When students are faced with the word "research" they tend to get sweaty, worked up, and run the other direction. We must expand efforts to develop the next generation of respiratory therapy researchers to guide our future practice. Find out how to Enhance Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities by developing strong mentoring and collaborative partnerships between students and faculty. In this lecture we will discuss how to facilitate research by providing incentives and support for students to engage in high-quality research and creative activities in an interdisciplinary environment.

11:20 am–12:00 pm | Room TBA | Manager Track

Maximizing Patient Education

Shawna Strickland

Shawna Strickland PhD RRT-NPS RRT-ACCS AE-C FAARC, Irving TX

The respiratory therapist's role in patient education is significant and can make a large impact on the ability of the patient to self-manage his/her disease process. This presentation will discuss barriers to effective patient education as well as strategies and methods to improve patient education.

12:05 pm–12:45 pm | Room TBA | Education Track

Creating a Village: Building a Long-Term Research Agenda for Your Department

Dave Burnett

Dave Burnett PhD RRT AE-C, Kansas City KS

Exploring the opportunity to develop research within your department and mentoring faculty to help build a successful long-term research agenda. Improve the potential to create sustainable programs and provide enhanced educational opportunities for your students through a research agenda.

12:05 pm–12:45 pm | Room TBA | Manager Track

How To Lie With Statistics and Figures - What's a "p" Anyway?

Dean R. Hess

Dean R. Hess PhD RRT FAARC, Boston MA

For many in leadership roles research is not something we learned in RT school. Additionally, many of us don't have the resources to do clinical research within our organization. This lecture will take some of the mystery out of the language of research.

12:45 pm–2:15 pm | Room TBA | All Tracks

Lunch (On Your Own)

2:15 pm–2:55 pm | Room TBA | Education Track

Marketing Your RCP Educational Program: Lessons Learned

Lutana Haan

Lutana Haan MHS RRT RPSGT, Boise ID

Are you struggling to get people to know about your amazing program? The respiratory program at Boise State is working with our own campus marketing team to increase the number of applicants to our program. We will share resources and insights into our marketing plan and budget.

2:15 pm–2:55 pm | Room TBA | Manager Track

Things That Make You Go "Hmm?" Non-Evidence-Based Respiratory Care

Thomas Lamphere

Thomas Lamphere BS RRT-ACCS RPFT FAARC, Sellersville PA

This lecture will review common respiratory therapies and practices that have little or no evidence to support their use yet are still utilized in many facilities. This "non-evidence-based" care uses valuable financial resources, including both manpower hours and equipment/disposable supplies. Attendees will be provided with current evidence and tools to improve the quality of the care.

3:00 pm–5:00 pm | Room TBA | Manager Track

ACHE-AARC Joint Program: Developing Service Lines

This is the first ever joint programming between ACHE members and RT leaders. This session is designed to examine how health care organizations are using a service-line approach to organizational development for the purposes of strategic planning, business planning, operations, and marketing. Service-line development is not only an organizational tool, but also can increase physician involvement, align resources, and provide an integrated continuum of care for the patient. Benefits can include increased customer satisfaction, quality and performance improvements, market share gains, and financial improvement. This program will review the common operational and cultural issues of organizing around service lines, followed by panelist presentations of specific service-line case studies.

3:00 pm–3:40 pm | Room TBA | All Tracks

Education Section Membership Meeting

Ellen A Becker PhD RRT-NPS FAARC - Chair, AARC Education Section/Presiding

Updates on issues important to the section will be discussed, with interactive dialogue on how the section chair and the AARC can better serve the Education Section and its members. This is your opportunity to influence the profession and network with your peers. All Summer Forum attendees are invited to attend.

3:45 pm–4:25 pm | Room TBA | Education Track

Opening a Can of Worms: What Do I Do Now?

Brady Scott

Brady Scott MS RRT-ACCS FAARC, Chicago IL

Educational programs have established policies and procedures as well as professional codes of conduct. However, not all situations are included in these documents. How does the program handle unique and unexpected breaches of professionalism? The presenter will provide a series of unique situations to highlight potential gaps in departmental and institutional policies as well as garner discussion about the appropriate courses of action.