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11 Apr

Improving Remote Care

Technology tools help assist RTs with all aspects of delivering and managing care. They can even help RTs deliver care beyond the boundaries of the clinic. Micaela Sarazen, BSRT, RRT, RRT-NPS, a neuromuscular respiratory therapist at UC Davis Medical Center, shares how she uses technology tools to enhance her team’s delivery of remote care for… Read more »

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21 Mar

Wearable Respiratory Devices: RTs on the Cutting Edge

Research suggests wearable devices aimed at monitoring patient behaviors and physiological parameters can help health care providers keep tabs on patient conditions outside of the acute care hospital. One study out of The Netherlands, for example, found good results for two internet-based activity monitors in measuring physical activity among COPD patients. Another trial conducted by… Read more »

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27 Feb

Tech Tools: Using Devices to Improve Care

We use technology tools each day—for both personal and business purposes. These tools can improve efficiency, keep us connected and enhance collaboration, and even help in patient treatments. We asked AARC member Michael Hess, BS, RRT, RPFT, to share how he uses technology tools in his daily practice to help aid in the delivery of… Read more »

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