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18 Dec

Recent Grad Wisdom

Transitioning from classroom to practice can be tough for a recent grad, but preparation is a key to success. We asked recent respiratory care graduates what they wish they had known before graduating. Here’s their wisdom to pass along to our current students. Resources for Students Victoria Johnson What I wish I would have known… Read more »

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24 Oct

States Engaging Students

Students take part in fun activities, such as this “MacGyver Exercise,” at the Arizona Student Conference. These students used random items to make a working bubble humidifier out of a water bottle, straw, high flow oxygen tubing, and a mask. The activity showcased their teamwork, communication, and time management skills. Plain and simple, students are… Read more »

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26 Sep

CSRC Region President Increases Recent Grad Involvement

Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT, visits with students at Concorde Career College in San Bernadino. By Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT New responsibility brings new challenges Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT In August 2014, California Society for Respiratory Care (CSRC) President Michael Madison, MBA, RRT, called and told me that the CSRC… Read more »

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22 Aug

Five Great Bits of Advice for New RT Students

Every fall hundreds of students walk into a respiratory care classroom for the first time. They all see themselves helping to care for patients who are struggling to breathe, but how they will get from their first day of class to the bedside is still a mystery to most of these students. Nickie Mabery, RRT… Read more »

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15 Aug

High School Students “Major” in Respiratory Therapy

Most high school students take a wide variety of electives to find out what interests them most and what they might want to pursue as a career after graduation. At Southwest Career and Technical Academy (SWCTA) in Las Vegas, NV, it gets a little more serious than that. Students who attend this academic center not… Read more »

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03 Jul

Student Perspective: Amanda Hreiz

Amanda Hreiz, of Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Roanoke, VA, discusses her experience as a student representative on the Virginia Society for Respiratory Care Board. Put Your Student Benefits to Work By Amanda Hreiz AARC Student Member Amanda Hreiz Since I began my journey as a respiratory therapy student, I have recently had the… Read more »

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06 Jun

Student Perspective: Nicole Jones

Virginia Student Sputum Bowl Team at AARC Congress 2017 in Indianapolis, IN. (L to R: Jessica Worley, Nicole Jones, and Sally Sizer) Nicole Jones, of Virginia Community Colleges, discusses the experience that motivated her to pursue a career in respiratory therapy as well as her perspective on being an AARC student member. Student Membership Sets… Read more »

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