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14 Nov

Student Video Contest Winners Announced

(From Left to Right) Back row: Teirra Ferris, Rebecca Ewing, Katelyn Caldwell, Allison Pitts; Middle row: Jaclyn Busin, Amber Tolnar, Bailie Pago; Front row: Megan May and Breanna Schlatter Announced at the Student Symposium for New Professionals at AARC Congress 2019, students from Laurel Technical Institute in Hermitage, PA, were congratulated by their peers for… Read more »

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09 Oct

Wisconsin Students Participate in Give Vets a Smile

This flyer is being circulated throughout the Eau Claire area to let veterans know about the services they’ll find at the Give Vets a Smile event this year. Interprofessional education is taking hold in many health professions programs and respiratory care is no exception. These initiatives are designed to foster collaboration between students from various… Read more »

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24 Jul

RT Student to the Rescue!

RT Student Sam Vang, left, put his new RT skills to work saving his dad’s life earlier this year. It was just a normal Saturday evening in the Vang household in St. Paul, MN. Sam Vang, an RT student in his first year at Saint Paul College, was at home with his mom when his… Read more »

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29 May

Reaching Your Student Members

One way you’re building the profession is finding ways to engage student members. Respiratory Therapist students play a vital role in ensuring the success of the profession. According to Kari Woodruff, RRT, RRT-NPS, the Colorado Society has several programs in which they have engaged students. Student chapter and student chairs The Colorado Society includes a… Read more »

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10 Apr

Staying Focused on Students

Students will carry the respiratory care profession into the future. To help them carve a career and professional path where they can flourish, the AARC and state societies continually keep students a top priority and focus. In the top and middle photos, students showcase their scholarship application boards. In the above photo, students meet with… Read more »

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20 Mar

Career Advice for Graduates

When one journey ends, the next begins. As respiratory therapy graduates embark on their next journey, we asked recent grad Caroline Sivcovich, RRT, to offer career advice. From student to professional Caroline Sivcovich, RRT, shares her care career advice for new graduates moving into their professional career. “The most rewarding part of transitioning from student… Read more »

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18 Dec

Recent Grad Wisdom

Transitioning from classroom to practice can be tough for a recent grad, but preparation is a key to success. We asked recent respiratory care graduates what they wish they had known before graduating. Here’s their wisdom to pass along to our current students. Resources for Students Victoria Johnson What I wish I would have known… Read more »

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24 Oct

States Engaging Students

Students take part in fun activities, such as this “MacGyver Exercise,” at the Arizona Student Conference. These students used random items to make a working bubble humidifier out of a water bottle, straw, high flow oxygen tubing, and a mask. The activity showcased their teamwork, communication, and time management skills. Plain and simple, students are… Read more »

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26 Sep

CSRC Region President Increases Recent Grad Involvement

Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT, visits with students at Concorde Career College in San Bernadino. By Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT New responsibility brings new challenges Sherleen Bose, BA, RCP, RRT, CHT In August 2014, California Society for Respiratory Care (CSRC) President Michael Madison, MBA, RRT, called and told me that the CSRC… Read more »

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