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17 Oct

The NBRC Video Series: NBRC Exam Security

Enable cookies to see embeded content. In the fourth featured NBRC video, Lori Tinkler, MBA, discusses the importance of exam security and the steps they take to ensure confidentiality is maintained. “This includes not only the questions themselves, but also how they are arranged, displayed, and presented,” said Tinkler, CEO of the NBRC. She continues… Read more »

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19 Sep

NBRC Video Series: How to Apply for NBRC Examinations

Enable cookies to see embeded content. In our third featured NBRC video, Lori Tinkler, MBA, discusses the online tools available through the NBRC website to help in applying for the credential examinations. “In our efforts to support students as candidates for NBRC credentials, we provide a range of online tools to make the application, scheduling,… Read more »

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15 Aug

The NBRC Video Series: NBRC Credentials and How to Earn Them

Enable cookies to see embeded content. In our second NBRC video, Lori Tinkler, MBA, goes over the credentials offered by the NBRC and why respiratory therapists should pursue them. “Earning an NBRC credential is a true testament to the skills and strengths required for excellence in the profession,” said Tinkler, who is CEO of the… Read more »

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25 Jul

Get Up to Speed on RT Credentialing with NBRC Videos

Everyone knows you need to pass the CRT exam – or in a growing number of states now, the RRT exam – to earn your license to practice respiratory care. But other aspects of the credentialing system that governs our profession are less clear to a lot of RTs. The NBRC is hoping to shed… Read more »

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20 Jun

5 Educators Offer 15 Tips on Exam Prep

Whether you’re still in RT school and just beginning to think about your credentialing exams or have now graduated and need to take them ASAP, your head is probably swimming with ideas about the best way to study. Respiratory care educators have spent their careers ensuring students have the knowledge they need to succeed on… Read more »

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03 May

Input Needed for Therapist Credential Maintenance Program Survey

The National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) is planning to revise the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) by constructing annual assessments designed to stimulate learning. In order to successfully revise the program, the NBRC is seeking the representation of respiratory therapists who achieved the CRT or RRT credential after June 2002. Study results will define the content… Read more »

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07 Nov

NBRC Seeks Your Input on the Continuing Competency Program

The National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) has a responsibility to credential holders to guarantee the quality and recognition of the credentials they earn, and they achieve this through the Continuing Competency Program (CCP). The NBRC regularly evaluates its efforts to support continuing competence. To do this, they invite recently credentialed therapists to participate in… Read more »

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14 Jul

NBRC Launches New Job Analysis Survey

Ever wonder how the NBRC comes up with the questions for the credentialing exams it administers? The process starts with respiratory therapists just like you who answer questions on surveys about their job. The Board is currently conducting a new survey aimed at collecting vital information that will help redefine the content and design of… Read more »

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