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14 Feb

SPOTY Spotlight: Monica Schibig

This month in our Specialty Practitioner of the Year (SPOTY) Spotlight series, we’re learning more about our Education SPOTY: Monica Schibig, MA, RRT, RRT-NPS, CPFT. Join the Education Specialty Section! Back to the beginning Monica Schibig, MA, RRT, RRT-NPS, CPFT was named 2017 Specialty Practitioner of the year for the Education Specialty Section. Schibig graduated… Read more »

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12 Dec

Here’s How RT Educators Keep Students Engaged

Educators in every field of study have had this experience: as they stand before the class ready to impart critical knowledge, there are a few students with glazed-over expressions that say loud and clear, “Boring!” Keeping students engaged in learning is an uphill battle, but RT educators have found some great ways to make it… Read more »

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06 Dec

Moving the Profession Forward: Degree Advancement

In 2015, the AARC established a goal calling for 80 percent of RTs to have, or be working toward, a bachelor’s degree by 2020. The AARC provides resources and tools to help individuals and educational programs achieve this initiative. Individual degree advancement Respiratory therapy degree advancement programs provide a pathway for respiratory therapists who have… Read more »

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26 Sep

What is CoARC and How is it Advancing RT Educational Levels?

Educational programs for all legitimate health care professions, from medicine on down, are overseen by accrediting bodies that set standards aimed at ensuring the education received by students in those programs meets the needs and requirements of the medical community. In respiratory care, that accrediting body is the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC)…. Read more »

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