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08 May

New Bill Takes Aim at Flavored Tobacco Products

According to the FDA and the CDC, e-cigarette use rose by 78% in high school students and 48% in middle school students between 2017 and 2018. What’s more, more than half of children who smoke traditional cigarettes (and seven out of 10 African-American children) choose menthol brands. Most experts agree child-friendly flavors like “Red Hot… Read more »

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21 Feb

Assessment and Implications of Article Comparing E-cigarettes to Nicotine Replacement Therapies

by Mary P. Martinasek Ph.D., RRT and Caroline Bakyta, student researcher Affiliation: University of Tampa Where things started Mary P. Martinasek Ph.D., RRT (top) and Caroline Bakyta (above), student researcher, share their take on the study and how RTs can best apply it. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik patented the first commercially electronic cigarette (e-cigarette).[1] Lik… Read more »

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10 Oct

North Dakota Sets Focus on Educating Youth on E-Cigarettes

The North Dakota Department of Health developed a new position statement to include e-cigarettes in its tobacco prevention efforts, helping to educate parents and youth on the dangers of using electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Expanding tobacco prevention In keeping pace with the rise of e-cigarette products, the North Dakota Department of Health expanded its… Read more »

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25 Apr

E-Cigarettes: Should RTs Use Them to Help People Quit?

The buzz surrounding e-cigarettes is loud and confusing. While the manufacturers of these products — and some health professionals as well — tout them as a way to help people quit smoking, others say the science just isn’t there to make that recommendation. A recent study out of Harvard Medical School suggests proceeding with caution… Read more »

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07 Feb

E-Cigs and Youth: What RTs Need to Know

E-cigarettes are being touted as a path to quitting for people who smoke. The jury is still out on the value they add, although some studies have found a benefit. But what about children and teens whose very first experience with smoking is not a traditional cigarette, but an e-cig? AARC member and long-time tobacco… Read more »

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24 Jan

New Report Released on E-Cig Consequences

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a report on Jan. 23 that details the potential consequences of the use of e-cigarettes. The report was conducted at the request of the Center for Tobacco Products of the Food and Drug Administration. The purpose of the study is to review the available evidence of… Read more »

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