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11 Sep

Big Ideas Theater, Episode 19: Ventilation Strategies to Reduce Incidence of ARDS

In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Gary Nieman, PHD, BS, a pulmonary physiologist, discusses ventilation strategies related to patients with ARDS. Watch More Big Ideas Theater Dr. Nieman’s interview focuses on three discussion points: How ARDS make the lung vulnerable to a secondary ventilator-induced lung injury Protective ventilation strategies for acute lung injury and… Read more »

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08 Aug

Big Ideas Theater, Episode 17: Guidelines for NIV

In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Stefano Navo, MD, from Italy, discusses recent updates to the Guidelines for Non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Watch More Big Ideas Theater According to Dr. Navo, the recent update to the Guidelines for NIV focus on three areas: Palliative Care Trauma Post-Operative Care Dr. Navo believes there is an increased… Read more »

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23 May

Big Ideas Theater, Episode 14: The ARISE Project

In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Theresa Meinen, MS, RRT discusses the ARISE Project and how it’s helped bring more realism to simulation education. ARISE stands for Augmented Reality Integrated Simulation Education. The ARISE Project began three years ago through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor as a way to incorporate augmented reality… Read more »

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11 Apr

Big Ideas Theater, Episode 11: Guidelines for Ventilator Liberation

In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Neil MacIntyre, MD, FAARC, FCCP, defines ventilator discontinuation and discusses how guidelines have evolved and the differences between discontinuation and extubation. According to Dr. MacIntyre, ventilator discontinuation is the process of getting patients off of ventilator support and out of the ICU as they are recovering. “It consumes,… Read more »

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