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AARC Safe & Effective Staffing Guide

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For over 30 years, the AARC has published the Uniform Reporting Manual (URM), with the 5th edition published in 2012. This tool has served RT leaders for decades in utilizing time standards for the most common clinical activities as the hallmark to measuring productivity.

However, measuring productivity alone is no longer relevant if the procedures they deliver are not clinically indicated or driven by evidence-based practice.

As a result, the AARC has expanded and re-branded the URM to the “Safe & Effective Staffing Guide: Achieving Your Mission to Deliver Value-Based Respiratory Care Services.” Known as “The Guide” (or the SESG), this rebranded tool offers many of the same benefits of the URM; however, The Guide expands upon those to meet the 21st century needs of today’s RT leaders.

New content will be offered to assist RT leaders in the following areas:

  • Evaluating the value of provided services as the driver to determine appropriate staffing levels
  • Access to newly updated, validated, procedural time standards, scope of care and CPT codes
  • Methodology to incorporate the philosophy of Value Efficiency into staffing decisions
  • Tools, references, case studies and best practices in staffing optimization

There are many ways by which hospitals, clinics and diagnostic labs measure productivity. In most cases these methodologies are driven by external consulting firms engaged by the organization. While these methods often are ideal for nursing measures, they fail to meet the unique needs of the respiratory care department.

Do you want your RT department to deliver world class care driven by value-based decision making? Do you want to ensure that productivity in your department is measured by the value of care you provide and not simply measured by a timed interaction you have with the patient? Do you want to incorporate a validated, nationally recognized staffing optimization tool into your department? If so, the SESG is your answer!

The Safe & Effective Staffing Guide Primer

The Primer is a free, open access document intended to provide an overview of the key concepts in delivering safe and effective staffing. It serves as a preview of the content included in the SESG available through the AARC. Your name and email are required for download.

Download the Primer

The Safe & Effective Staffing Guide — Basic Version (Digital)

The SESG offers RT leaders all of the following:

  • An over/introduction to value-based productivity management
  • Time Standards for the most performed clinical and support activities provided by respiratory therapists
  • Methodology used for the creation of validated time standards
  • The AARC Value Efficiency Position Paper and Issue Paper
  • Case Studies
  • EMR Integration Tools and Application of Informatics
  • Staffing Tools and Productivity Workbooks

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The Safe & Effective Staffing Guide — Premium Version (Digital)

Receive everything included in the Basic version of the SESG plus much, much more!

  • User-created Activity Tables
  • The 5th Edition of the URM (for comparison purposes)
  • CPT Code Table & Guide
  • Staffing Plan Template
  • Annotated Bibliography (the most comprehensive list of RC productivity and staffing optimization resources in the world!)
  • Free updates for 3 years:
    • CPT Codes
    • Time Standards
    • New Procedures/Time Standards
    • Position Statements
    • Issue Papers
  • Ongoing Support
  • Premium Pay Reduction Strategies:
    • Forecasting Tools
    • Automation Tools
    • Podcasts/Webinars
    • “How to Videos”
  • Exclusive invitation to participate in/access to a webinar detailing each component of and step-by-step instructions on how to maximize The Guide

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