AARC’s 6th Edition of the Uniform Reporting Manual

Project Overview 

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Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2020 revision of the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual (URM). By providing information about the procedures conducted in your facilities, you will help us develop statistically valid time standards that will form the foundation of a productivity system for procedures provided to hospital patients who receive services on patient units, pulmonary function, blood gas, echo/non-invasive cardiology, hyperbaric medicine and sleep laboratories of hospitals. Pulmonary rehabilitation services provided in hospital-based and free standing facilities will also be surveyed.

The results of this survey will enable the AARC to (1) determine if the activities included in this survey are widely performed, and (2) identify activities not included in this survey that are performed with sufficient frequency to be included in the final draft of the URM. With the information provided, the AARC will be able to assign statistically validated time standards for these procedures. 

Who should participate? 

Managers of respiratory therapy services in hospitals are invited to submit information about the services they provide to patients in their faculties. Managers of respiratory services provided in SNFs, and rehabilitation facilities are also invited to contribute to this project. 

Recognizing that respiratory therapy managers in hospitals frequently manage pulmonary diagnostic and blood gas services we encourage these managers to contribute their data and, if they don’t manage these services themselves, to recruit their colleagues and encourage them to contribute data. 

The same holds true for echo/noninvasive cardiology, sleep and hyperbaric oxygen services. Those who manage pulmonary rehabilitation services in either hospitals or free-standing outpatient facilities are also invited to participate. 

What are you being asked to do? 

  1. Register and create your personal survey access information. Do not use your AARC member login. 
  2. Create a facility profile and provide basic information including the facility name and type, the number of staffed beds and the number of specified intensive care beds. 
  3. Download the instructions for the survey(s) you will complete. 
  4. Be responsible for completing surveys relevant to your facility(s). 
  5. Review (1) the introduction to each survey that describes an overview of its activities.

When completing the survey review each activity: 

  1. View each of the activity titles (and if necessary review its description). If you do not perform the activity essentially as described, click on the button that allows you to skip the activity and move to the next. 
  2. For each patient population (adult, pediatric and neonatal) in which it is performed you will be asked if you have determined a time standard for this activity in this facility. Report that time standard in minutes . If you have no time standard for an activity, just indicate that and move on. Do not report times for activities you do not perform! 

When all sections of each survey are completed, you will have an opportunity to describe any activities performed in your facility but not included in the survey. These are referred to as “User Created Activities”. You may add them in the empty spaces at the end of each of the seven (7) areas of procedures. 

The survey(s) may be completed in phases and at times determined by you. You may log in and out as your schedule permits using your personal access information. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Name and Facility Listing: Your name and facility will be listed in the list of participants to be located in the appendix of the manual. 
  • Discounted Pricing: Facilities which complete the extensive inpatient acute care hospital survey will receive a 10% discount off the member price of the manual (estimated to be $185).
  • Thanks! Sincere appreciation from the AARC and the respiratory therapy community for your participation. 

This survey will remain open through September 15, 2020.

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