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The Sputum Bowl has been a time-honored tradition at the AARC Congress since 1978. Uniquely “RT,” the Bowl is the number one place to test your respiratory care knowledge against the best of the best in the profession. Nowhere else will you find therapists cheering on teams from across the country as they race to answer questions on everything from aerosol delivery to arcane gas laws.

Fun features like “Ask the Expert,” “Risk/Reward,” “Ask the Posse,” and “Video Visuals” add to the excitement, and live streaming on Twitter guarantees everyone has a chance to keep up with the action.

Here’s how it works. A Student Sputum Bowl team consists of three people sitting at a table. Close to them is another team of three seated at their own table. Both teams will listen closely when the contest question reader verbally calls out a question that concerns some aspect of respiratory care. The team that buzzes in first has 10 seconds to answer correctly and score a point. At the end of 10 minutes, the team with the most points wins.

We know state competitions are gearing up now, so consider gathering a group of like-minded colleagues together and fielding a team. Or if you just want to skip straight to Nationals, get your group on board and register as a Renegade Team!

Important Dates for the 2019 Student Sputum Bowl Competition

  • Application for State Affiliate sponsored student teams opens May 1, 2019
  • Application for renegade teams opens July 1, 2019
  • The following items must be submitted by ALL teams by Sept. 16, 2019:
    • Completed Application Form (Student or Renegade)
    • 10 Visual Questions in 10 Different Content Categories
    • Completed Team Roster & Roster Revisions
    • Registration Fee Paid
  • Preliminaries:
    • Saturday, Nov. 9, 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
      Second Floor, Room 260–262*
    • Sunday, Nov. 10, 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
      Second Floor, Room 260–262*
  • Finals and Award Ceremony:
    • Monday, Nov. 11, 5:15 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
      Second Floor, La Nouvelle Theatre*
  • *Location subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions about the Sputum Bowl.

Rules Notebook

Student Sputum Bowl Rules Notebook.

Application for AARC Affiliate Sponsored Student Teams

Complete the student team application if you are an AARC state affiliate and would like to sponsor a team to compete in the Sputum Bowl. Please note that a limited number of teams can be accepted for the event. As such, AARC state affiliate sponsored team application begins May 1, 2019 to ensure availability of space for the team. However, application for non-sponsored teams (“Renegade” teams) opens July 1, 2019 at which point team registrations will be accepted as space allows on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application for Renegade Teams

Complete the renegade team application if you would like to sponsor a team at the Sputum Bowl. Renegade team registration begins July 1, 2019.

Application Deadline

ALL team registrations must be completed (including submission of completed application form, team roster, registration fee, and visual questions) by Sept. 16, 2019. Please note that teams that have not submitted all parts of the application are not considered “Registered” to compete until ALL parts have been submitted. The date on which all parts of the application have been submitted will be used to determine if space is still available in the competition.

Forms to Submit by Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

Where Can I Find Sputum Bowl Equipment?

One state Sputum Bowl organizer has prepared this Sputum Bowl equipment PowerPoint to give you information about the system he uses. Pricing of showcased equipment is only meant to serve as an estimate for actual cost.

Sputum Bowl History with Dr. Helmholz

Learn more about the history of the Sputum Bowl with Dr. Fred Helmholz, the mentor and strongest promoter of the Sputum Bowl over the years.

2017 Sputum Bowl Champs2017 Practitioner Champions

Practitioner Sputum Bowl Champions

2017 Missouri
Lindsay Fox, Cindy Smith, Amee Green, and Rose Schafer
2016 Florida
Robert Lamme, James Deckman, Gina Ricard, and Sharon Shenton
2015 North Carolina
Trisha Miller, William Mashburn, Catherine Bitsche, and Laurie Freshwater
2014 Texas
Grant Pipes, Angie Switzer, and Julie Boganwright
2013 Michigan
Albert Moss, Rodney Albrecht, Kathleen Bedford, and Kristi Holmes
2012 North Carolina
Cathy Bitsche, Laurie Freshwater, William Mashburn, and Trisha Miller
2011 California
Stanley Baldwin, Addullah Alismail, Shannon Cocilova, and Michael Terry
2010 Colorado
Lori Kaplan, Amy Brown, Zach Quinby, and Brandie Webb
2009 Ohio
Ray Sibberson, David Lucas, and Kelli Chronister
2008 California
Grey Benton, Thomas Serrano, Allan Gonzales, and Michael Sheahan
2007 Virginia
Chase Poulsen, Jeff Bobbitt, Linda Cochran, and Linda Stone
2006 Louisiana
Robert C. Nelson and Ann Bourgeouis
2005 Louisiana
Dennis Guillot, Diana Merendino, and Rachel Basco
2004 Ohio
David Lucas, Kelli Chronister, and Ray Sibberson
2003 Louisiana
Robert Nelson, Jackie Bush, Hope Hanks, and Dotty McDonald
2002 Indiana
Dave Burnworth, Craig Cortright, and Judith Sturgis-Ridgway
2001 Louisiana
Jackie Bush, Hope Hanks, Carl Nelson, and Dotty McDonald
2000 Pennsylvania
John Hughes, Robert Lamme, and Mark Simmons
1999 Louisiana
Jackie Bush, Hope Hanks, Dotty McDonald, and Robert Nelson
1998 Colorado
Jason Goodman, Jim Hannaford, and Robert Wolken
1997 Colorado
Jeff Griebel, Richard Losh, and Fran Piedalue
1996 Idaho
Jeff Anderson, Lonny Ashworth, Robert Hasa, and Andrew Pratter
1995 Louisiana
Jackie Bush, Hope Hanks, Robert Nelson, and Rebecca Vidrine
1994 Pennsylvania
Cheryl Kreider, Linda Napoli, and Ethel Wise
1993 Michigan
Jan Fields, Anna Ibrahim, Robert McIntosh, and David Panzlau
1992 Michigan
Bruce Brenn, Homer Engert, Al Moss, and James Taylor
1991 North Carolina
Mike Casey, Sammy Cecil, Dan Grady, and Jim Whitley
1990 Indiana
Forest Dipzinski, Matt Keusch, and Arnold Peugh
1989 Colorado
Steve Boss, Phil Goodman, Jim Hannaford, and Richard Losh
1988 Arkansas
Scott Keller, Ken LeJeune, Mike McDonald, and Roger Talley
1987 Texas
Gary Elliot, Terry Gilmore, and Bob Weidman
1986 Colorado
Phil Goodman, Jim Haenel, Mike McDonald, and Bill Shipley
1985 California
Lillian Fifer, Jim Fink, Mike Mahlmeister, and Katherine Sabato
1984 New York
Claire Aloan, Bob Fluck, Tom Hill, and Joe Sorbello
1983 Missouri
Steve Bricknell, Bill Logan, Richard Moore, and Bob Stone
1982 California
Peter Doyle, Pat Tobin, and Mel Welch
1981 Colorado
Bob Clothier, James Haenel, and Marsee Vander Plyum
1980 Idaho
Tom Gable, Keith Hopper, and Teri Norell
1979 Idaho
Tom Gable, Keith Hopper, and Teri Norell
1978 Idaho
Tom Gable, Keith Hopper, Teri Norell, and Antoinette Rene

2018 Student Sputum Bowl Champs2018 Student Champions

Student Sputum Bowl Champions

2018 Colorado
Tyler Tilkens, Heather Hurkala, Julia Johansen, and Nathaniel Fisher
2017 Texas
Kebron Isayas, Patrick Forsythe, and Cesar Romero
2016 Minnesota
Hannah Tkach, Kari Kalthoff, Gage Stroope, and Mohamed Yusuf
2015 Nevada
Kersten Haughton, Michael Gonzalez, Alex Galvez, and Kyle Pinholster
2014 Colorado
Ryan Kelley, Alyssa Hamilton, Andrew Reiss, and John Bochenek
2013 Nevada
Maria Abalos, Richard Rehm, Len Tayong, and Brandon Walls
2012 California
Daniel Ocampo, Jonathan Ayala, Charles Crosby, and Timothy Stuart
2011 California
Justin Jones, Cheri Hughes, Alyssa Ortega, and Chris Woods
2010 California
Ryan Rives, Megan Chico, Colin Day, and Alfia Shagiakhmetova
2009 California
Wesley Smith, Jorge Carranza, Daniel O’Dell, and Paul Dayton
2008 Colorado
Brian Hurley, Sam Vieyra, and Zach Quinby
2007 Missouri
Sherry Whiteman, Dale Benfield, Charity Ezell, and Sonny Glover
2006 Colorado
Derrick Davis, Mark Kaeck, Julia O’ Shea, and Lindsey Winningham
2005 Colorado
Gary Ellis, Anne Lee Smith, Kathrin Barthel, and Heidi Hosner
2004 Texas
Elizabeth Hayes, Ethan Nguyen, Lisa Allison, and Nimrod Nyaidho

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