Vapotherm Donates to AARC COVID-19 RT Fund

 Updated: October 27, 2020

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Respiratory therapists everywhere have stood strong this year, showing the world the vital role RTs serve in patient health. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the respiratory therapy profession to the forefront unlike any other time before. Thank you for all you do every day in helping your patients.

We understand we’ve lost colleagues this year to COVID-19, as a direct result of their work with patients. To honor their sacrifice, the AARC Board of Directors created the COVID-19 RT Fund. This fund sends money to the surviving families of licensed respiratory therapists who died while caring for patients with COVID-19. Their families will receive $500.

Donate to the COVID-19 RT Fund

Vapotherm is helping support this fund.

Vapotherm Corporate Partner


Vapotherm, an AARC Corporate Partner, released the FELIX-1 negative pressure scavenger kit to help mitigate the risk of transmission of potentially infectious particles while treating patients with COVID-19. Vapotherm named the kit after Felix Khusid, a critical care respiratory therapist and AARC member working in New York City. Khusid shared the previously implemented design with Vapotherm during the first wave of COVID-19.

“It’s important that clinicians are protected to the greatest extent possible while using the critical tools they need to support patients and their communities through this pandemic,” said Joe Army, CEO of Vapotherm, in a Business Wire press release.

Vapotherm will distribute all profits from the kits to non-profit organizations supporting front-line clinicians working in the COVID-19 pandemic. The AARC is among the organizations receiving these distributions, which will support the COVID-19 RT Fund.

“In the mix of all that is going on in our world this year lies a foundation of support and togetherness across the entire respiratory therapy profession,” said AARC Executive Director Thomas J. Kallstrom, MBA, RRT, FAARC. “This includes our industry colleagues. The AARC is grateful for the continued support from industry leaders. They help equip RTs everywhere with the tools they need to help and care for their patients. Thank you.”

If you become aware of a licensed respiratory therapist who contracted COVID-19 while working and then died from complications of the disease, email There are likely respiratory therapists that we are not aware of who died.