Big Ideas Theater | Sleep Disordered Breathing Management in the Bariatric Population

 Updated: June 30, 2020

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Jessica Schweller, MS, APRN-CNP, RRT, RRT-SDS, with the Ohio State University Lung and Sleep Disorders Center, visited the Big Ideas Theater this past fall. Schweller explained how many patients are shocked to discover that they suffer from sleep apnea. In fact, 90% of patients with bariatric surgery will have sleep apnea, as well.  

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These patients tend to have high CO2 levels, which to any respiratory therapists is a cause for concern due to respiratory failure. Schweller goes on to explain the different complications this population can experience. These complications can cause patients to stay in the hospital for longer.  

Big Ideas Theater 2019 was filmed at the AARC Congress 2019 in New Orleans, LA. Congress speakers and lecturers shared their expertise and insights during these brief interviews.