The NBRC Video Series: What is the Continuing Competency Program?

 Updated: December 19, 2018

  Tags: NBRC

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In this sixth featured NBRC video, Lori Tinkler, MBA, discusses the importance of maintaining your NBRC credential and the options available through the Continuing Competency Program.

“Earning your NBRC credential is an important first step,” said Tinkler, CEO of the NBRC, “but changes in methodologies, technologies, and industry requirements require you to keep current with new developments over time.”

Tinkler describes three options to help you maintain your credential:

  1. Complete 30+ CE hours
  2. Retake and pass your exam
  3. Pass a new NBRC credentialing exam

Learn more about the entire NBRC video series and why the NBRC decided to embark on this project to help respiratory therapists better understand the credentialing process.