AARC Times Countdown to All-Digital Begins!

 Updated: February 27, 2019

image of phone with AARC Times cover shown

When AARC Times published its first issue back in July of 1977 we were living in a different world. Computers were huge machines located in warehouse-like rooms in big companies, universities, and government facilities. Telephones were the size of your average tissue box and most of them were still tethered to the wall with a cord and plug. Tablets were something you pulled out of a drawer and wrote on with a pen or pencil.

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So it only stands to reason that when AARC leaders envisioned a magazine that would keep members informed on everything from new treatments and modalities to changes in the health care landscape – with plenty of feature stories about real RTs and what they were doing on the job as well — they saw that magazine printed on paper and arriving in members’ mailboxes.

When the year 2020 dawns, all that paper will have transformed into bits and bytes and we will have our first ever all-digital AARC Times.

The decision was driven by the changing wants and needs of the AARC membership. Roughly 75% of members opt for digital editions already, and with only 25% still subscribed to the print edition, 2020 seemed like the perfect time to cut the paper cord and go all digital.

To get ready for the change, AARC Times recently updated its current digi-mag format to make it more reader friendly for all. Here are just some of the changes –

  • A front page presented in colorful and clickable blocks that lead to all the stories in the issue.
  • The ability to scroll down the page and see past issues in the same colorful, clickable block format.
  • Articles presented in a more web-based format, making them easy to read on any device.
  • Audio versions of each article – great for catching up on AARC Times while you’re driving or even cooking dinner or just relaxing in your backyard. Find the icon at the top of each article.
  •  Still want to read on paper? No worries – a “print” icon also appears at the top of each article page. Print out all of the articles, or just those you really want to read or share with others.
  • Links to social media appear there too, so you can easily share articles in your news feeds. Or just use the email icon to send specific articles directly to friends and colleagues.
  • Want to see the digital magazine in printed magazine format? You can have that too. Just click on “page view” at the top of the front page to access the magazine in the same format you would see it in on the printed page.
  • You can catch up with other AARC news and information right from the front page of AARC Times as well – links at the top of the page will take you to everything from AARC News to Industry News to Member Services and more.

So if you have yet to make the move from paper to screen, spend some time in 2019 comparing the two. We think you’ll agree – all-digital offers significant advantages that paper just can’t match!