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CRCE per track: 15-16 hours  | Cost per track: $225 for AARC members, $275 for non-members
3-track bundle: $600 for AARC members, $675 for non-members

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This series of courses was designed to provide real-world education for respiratory therapists who wish to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge beyond the clinical realm. The Leadership Institute was designed and developed by content experts in respiratory care education, management, and research. The information and activities in the Leadership Institute provide a foundation for future growth in your career.

The AARC Leadership Institute is presented to you as a web-based course with PDF documents available for downloading. Complete the course at your individual pace, in the location that works best for you, at the time that works best for you.

The Leadership Institute Offers You Three Different Tracks of High-Quality Education

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The Leadership Institute works on all your devices.
  • Education
    • Principles and Methods of Respiratory Therapy Adult Education
    • Developing Respiratory Therapy Courses and Evaluation of Learning
    • Clinical Instruction Techniques for Students and Employees
    • Classroom and Laboratory Instruction Technique
    • Educational Technology
    • Continuing Education
  • Management
    • Health Care Infrastructure and Economics
    • Leadership and Your Organization
    • Leadership and Your Team
    • Integrated Business Topics for Managers
    • Law and Ethics: Practice and Application
    • Managing Human Capital
    • Finance and Budgeting for Departments
    • Data Driven Performance Improvement
  • Research
    • Overview of Respiratory Care Research and Ethics
    • Performing Physical Measurements in Research
    • Developing a Research Study
    • Conducting a Research Study
    • Basic Statistics
    • Reporting Clinical Research Results

You can enroll in a single course, one track only, or in all three tracks; the choice is yours! Completion of one or more of the Leadership Institute tracks demonstrates your dedication to your profession, your career, and your patients.



Each track is composed of 6 to 8 modules each and is approved for 15-16 AARC Continuing Respiratory Care Education credits.


Single Course Single Track 3-track Bundle
Member $40 per course $225 per track $600 for all three tracks
Non-member $65 per course $275 per track $725 for all three tracks

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