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A Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices (4th Edition) — 6.0 CRCE

Free AARC Courses — Aerosol Guide—RTMastery of both the art and science of aerosol delivery can have a profound impact on appropriately matching medications and delivery devices to optimize your patients’ clinical outcomes. The fourth edition of this Aerosol Guide delivers detailed and comprehensive information that, when combined with your dedication and commitment to be the professional experts in this important area, will empower you to provide guidance to your physician, nurse, and pharmacist colleagues — but, most importantly, to your patients. Read more about the guide.

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A Guide to Portable Oxygen Concentrators — 1.0 CRCE

Free AARC Courses — Guide to Portable Oxygen ConcentratorsGaining all the information about your portable oxygen delivery devices (POCs) is essential for high quality management of chronic respiratory diseases with oxygen dependency. Obtaining “A Guide to Portable Oxygen Concentrators” is a good first step in acquiring the knowledge and information to assist your patients. The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) commissioned a survey of all POC manufacturers along with a group of experts to prepare this guide, and it was written with the patient in mind. Read more about the guide.

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A Guide to the Nutritional Assessment and Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient, 2nd edition — 3.0 CRCE

Free AARC Courses — Nutritional GuideAs the role of the respiratory therapist emerges in the critical care area to include indirect calorimetry monitoring and testing, this guide will serve as an excellent resource to provide better understanding of the nutritional implications that drive metabolic testing and the subsequent treatment recommendations that come as a result of the extrapolated data. In addition, the role of the respiratory therapist will be discussed as a key and influential member of the interdisciplinary team when it comes to the nutritional management of the critically ill patient. Read more about the guide.

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Clinician’s Guide to Treating Tobacco Dependence — 3.0 CRCE

Free AARC Courses — Tobacco Dependence

This Clinician’s Guide to Treating Tobacco Dependence provides RTs with the guidance necessary to understand the effects of nicotine, differentiate among tobacco products, discuss the addiction cycle, and initiate the tobacco cessation discussion with patients. Read more about the guide.

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CRCE through the Journal — 1.0 CRCE per month

Free AARC Courses — CRCE Through the Journal

Each month, Respiratory Care offers 1 free CRCE for AARC members only. All you have to do is achieve a passing score on the quiz based on the latest issue of Respiratory Care.

CRCE through the Journal

Live AARC Webcasts — 1.0 CRCE each

AARC Webcasts are online educational events that take place right on your computer. AARC members can attend a live event and earn free CRCE© credit or watch a past program and take a quick test for credit. Pre-registration is required for live events.

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Nicotine Cessation Across Disciplines, A Team Approach — 1.0 CRCE

Nicotine cessation continues to be a major component in achieving optimal lung health. Helping our patients quit is a daily challenge, especially with the variety of nicotine delivery systems. This presentation is focused on building rapport during cessation intervention and examining biases around nicotine use. The presenter will also discuss motivational interviewing technique and how the respiratory therapist is vital in the nicotine cessation journey.

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