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Lecture Auditions Are Back!

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In 2013, more than 45 first-time speakers presented at AARC Congress. Much of this was attributed to the AARC’s Speaker Academy, a venue created to identify a new pool of up-and-coming presenters for AARC Congress. After a brief hiatus, the AARC Program Committee is happy to announce that they will be holding open auditions for new speakers again this year with the AARC Speaker Academy.

The rules to become a contestant are simple:

  • Applicants must be AARC members and never have presented at the AARC Congress.
  • Online application must be submitted no later than Monday, July 30, 2018. It must include the title, objectives and a description of your presentation topic. (Keep in mind that the topic must remain the same throughout the application, audition and presentation process.)

If your application is accepted, you will audition onsite at AARC Congress 2018 held Dec. 4–7 in Las Vegas, NV. Experienced speakers will serve as audition judges.

  • Accepted applicants will be given 10 minutes to present a shortened version of their full 35-minute presentation.
  • Each presentation must consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • PowerPoint® slides must be utilized as part of the presentation.
  • Presenters will be graded on appeal of topic, knowledge of content, quality of visual aids, delivery of lecture, and adherence to the 10-minute time limit. Important note: Presenters must disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest. Presentation must be free of commercial bias.
  • Travel expenses and meeting registration is the responsibility of the presenter. You do not need to register for the meeting to present at Speaker Academy.

Speakers selected from the audition process will be invited to present their topics at AARC Congress 2019 to be held Nov. 9–12 in New Orleans, LA. Complimentary one-day registration for AARC Congress 2019 will be included.

The 2018 application deadline has passed.