Submit or Manage a CRCE Application

To access the applications page go to Submit and manage CRCE applications at MyAARC.
Contact Reagan Hickey, AARC CRCE Coordinator, to get help with the application process.

Important Information Regarding using Internet Explorer
The applications site is no longer fully compatible with Internet Explorer.  It is recommended that you immediately begin using Google Chrome when accessing this site for full site functionality.

Important Information Regarding Attendance Reporting
Effective immediately, all attendance/completion data should be sent to For Traditional courses, please use the attendance form that was provided to you after the course was approved. If you do not have this form please contact the CRCE Coordinator at No custom forms will be accepted. For Non-traditional courses, you may use the attendance form provided after approval, or you may use a spreadsheet with the exact same fields as on our form. For questions please contact us at or (972) 406-4662.

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