5 Reasons Why You Should Convert from Student to Active AARC Member

AARC Member

If you’re an RT student who’s set to graduate this coming semester, you have a lot on your plate — and you’re looking at some extra costs to make the leap from student to professional. So maybe you’re thinking AARC membership is something you don’t really need or can’t really afford right now.

AARC Membership Committee Chair Amanda Richter, MHA, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, offers five reasons why that just isn’t so —

  1. Discounts: Students have the option of early renewal up to six months before graduation for a super low rate. Renew between 180-91 days before graduation and you can get two years of active membership for $70, which is less than the cost of one year regular renewal. We all know that there are many expenses after graduation, including board exams and licensure fees. As an active AARC member you are eligible for a $40 discount on your NBRC Clinical Simulation exam. So in a way, your membership is already down to just $15/year for your first two years as an RT.
  1. Help transition from student to professional: As an active AARC member you will have access to numerous resources through the AARC website and AARC emails, as well as networking opportunities through AARConnect. Don’t forget to include your membership on your resume!
  1. Jobs: Of course one of the most important things on your mind with an upcoming graduation is getting a job. As an active AARC member you will have access to virtual job boards and the AARC Career News newsletters for career advice and job postings.
  1. Additional education: You can go ahead and take some of the free courses from AARC U that could help you set yourself apart as a new graduate candidate when interviewing for that job. Planning to go into pediatrics or critical care? Join a Specialty Section and really boost your knowledge through the AARConnect community, where you will find tons of information and tons of specialists to connect with.
  1. Professionalism:Commit to your new profession by being an AARC member. Putting your mind to rest by renewing early gives you one less thing to think about or worry about when you graduate.

So, let’s see — discounted membership, the ability to network with people who could help you in your career, free continuing education, and access to jobs all across the country — it’s a deal that can’t be beat!

Graduating AARC student members will receive information about the early student renewal via email. If you don’t receive the email or would prefer to convert over the phone, please call our Customer Service team at 972-243-2272, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm central.