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Manager Respiratory Care – Cone Health


This position oversees operations for Respiratory Care Services within Cone Health, supporting Moses Cone Hospital, including Women’s and Children Center. The position ensures quality of care for our patients and exceptional work environment. The position ensures compliance with all regulatory standards including Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA), College of American Pathologists (CAP), the Joint Commission (TJC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), OSHA, and other regulatory agencies as applies to the blood gas laboratories. The position provides oversight of the Quality Management program including the blood gas laboratories, maintains current knowledge of regulatory standards, and creates action plans to address deficiencies as required.

To provide leadership and direction for respiratory personnel through leading by example, promoting team work, and solving inter- and intra-departmental problems through collaborative and cooperative efforts; To facilitate change by fostering ideas and aligning people toward a common goal; To manage operations and quality of services within the department; To prepare both short and long term planning goals; To assist with capital and operating budgets for the section; To control unit expenses within the department. Each leader will have access to pharmaceuticals on all campuses.


Accountable: Cone Health leaders take ownership and hold themselves and those they lead accountable to achieve the highest levels of performance. We set clear expectations and provide meaningful feedback. Cone Health leaders proactively monitor key performance indicators. We courageously deal with problems by seeking resolution up to the highest level necessary within the organization.

Behaviors: Makes requests and keeps commitments. Owns results in area of accountability and proactively provides updates. Anticipates and manages breakdowns. Analyzes problems and executes solutions. Confronts and addresses problems appropriately. Identifies performance gaps and implements improvement strategies.

Breakthrough Thinking: Cone Health Leaders continuously seek to improve the organization. We challenge the status quo, intervene in the drift, takes risks, innovate and courageously declare and manage breakdowns.

Behaviors: Proactively creates an environment of psychological safety, so that employees can feel, articulate and practice behaviors that promote improvements. Practice’s breakthrough principles by taking complaints to the person that can resolve them, not gossiping and being coachable. Encourages and supports a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking to advance strategic initiative.

Community Focused: Cone Health leaders understand that we exist to serve our communities. We embrace our responsibility to promote health and well-being. Behaviors: Promotes and participates in opportunities to support community activities, both internal and external, such as United Way, Blood Drive. Provides opportunity for employees to participate in community activities.

Continuous Learner: Cone Health leaders view continuous learning as necessary for personal and professional growth. We foster learning and development in our employees. We declare breakdowns and use them as opportunities to learn and improve processes.

Behaviors: Is actively involved in professional organizations. Proactively stays abreast of new knowledge and evidence-based practice. Promotes continuous learning for staff.

Leader of People: Cone Health leaders believe that engaged employees are critical to providing exceptional care. We create a culture that values and inspires employees from all backgrounds.

Behaviors: Listens to understand. Oversees the design and implementation of effective departmental employee on-boarding programs, to enhance retention. Effectively utilizes behavioral based interviewing. Consistently demonstrates operating principles and practices. Demonstrates inspirational leadership through a positive can-do attitude.

Patient Centered Service Orientation: Cone Health leaders ensure exceptional quality, compassionate care and service is provided in a safe, respectful environment. WE promote healing environments that seek to nurture body, mind, and spirit. Cone Health leaders seek to understand and anticipate the needs of internal and external customers. We put patients at the center of all decisions and respond to their concerns with urgency.

Behaviors: Sets and maintains high standards for compassionate care and service. Implements and holds staff accountable to practices that ensure safety. Seeks out and is receptive ton constructive feedback. Uses input to enhance customer experience. Resolves issues promptly, skillfully. Ensures we get it right the first time. Encourages caregiving that is achieved through kindness and compassion.

Relationship Builder: Cone Health leaders build relationships with patients, physicians and colleagues in a manner that engenders trust and mutual respect. We consciously lead with the heart of a servant leader, to support others in their contributions to patient care. We share and celebrate successes and have fun. We handle disagreements and seek to understand others’ concerns and feelings.

Behaviors: Creates a safe environment that values the diversity of each person they interact with. Actively solicits feedback from others, uses information for effective decision making. Routinely provides others with the information they need to do their jobs. Builds teams and effectively manages its dynamics. Demonstrates the characteristics of servant leadership: collaboration, trust, empathy, caring.

Resource Manager: Cone Health leaders understand the importance of using sound financial planning tools to develop and manage financial resources. We balance the need for financial viability with our commitment to high performance service and quality.

Behaviors: Manages team to reflect the relationship between volume, revenue cycle, expense and the overall impact on health system. Provides resources to their teams to ensure top levels of customer service. Develops/manages annual capital and operating budgets, reflecting the balance of fiscal responsibility, quality and service. Provides thorough accurate variance analysis which reflects the relationships between fixed and variable costs and activity.

Talent Developer: Cone Health leaders optimize the performance and potential of their team members through encouragement and feedback that is constructive and actionable. We celebrate our employee’s accomplishments and contributions and identify potential leaders. We build the depth and breadth of our people through coaching and mentoring.

Behaviors: Sets clear expectations; promptly addresses gaps in employee performance through feedback and coaching. Assists staff in developing careers by encouraging them to articulate their goals, offering challenging growth opportunities, and facilitating necessary training. Provides ongoing feedback, both positive and negative, using BEEF model; conducts performance reviews in a manner that provides meaningful feedback to employees.

Visionary Strategic Leader: Cone Health leaders are inspirational leaders who create and communicate a patient focused vision; we engage all employees in pursuit of excellence. We take a global perspective and look beyond our immediate area of accountability to ensure organizational success. We recognize that effectively managing change is critical to our long-term strategic success.

Behaviors: Develops and articulates an inspirational vision for their area of responsibility that is clearly aligned with CH goals and strategy. Ensures all employees align their work with the CH mission, vision and values. Seeks input and communicates decisions to ensure global alignment. Effectively leads change by communicating an inspiring vision for the change, enrolling others and considering the impact on all stakeholders.



Required – Graduate from a 2-year school for Respiratory Therapy

Preferred – Bachelor’s degree


Required – At least 3 years of experience working in a hospital respiratory care setting

Preferred – 3 years of leadership experience with demonstration of leadership abilities


Required – BLS (CPR)-American Red Cross or AHA Healthcare Provider, Valid Driver’s License

Respiratory Therapists (practitioners) must have a national and a state credential.

National Credentials: Must be registered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) as a RRT.

NC State Credentials: Must be licensed by the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board (NCRCB) as a CRT or a RRT.


Link to apply: https://careers-conehealth.icims.com/jobs/6632/manager-respiratory-care/job

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