COPD/Asthma Remote Monitoring Pilot

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Sent Jan. 5, 2017

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A pulmonary, infectious disease and critical care practice in Sacramento, CA submitted a proposal to the Physician-focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) in the Department of Health and Human Services. Known as the CAMP (COPD and Asthma Monitoring Pilot) proposal, it would establish a remote patient monitoring center supported by specially-trained providers who will track participants via a mobile peak flow meter app. The program also plans a web-based individualized COPD/asthma education and smoking cessation course to encourage patients to be self-aware managers of their own disease. In its comments to the PTAC, AARC recommended RTs head the command center and based on their expertise in disease management to lead the web-based course.

Subsequent to the PTAC’s review, AARC learned the physician group submitting the proposal was asked to clarify in writing the type of health care professionals who were expected to be part of the team to monitor COPD and asthma patients. We were pleased to note that respiratory therapists were part of the team along with pulmonologists, pulmonary nurses and others. The PTAC, however, was most concerned about the type of payment model being proposed and the Secretary agreed noting the model being tested would be based on a proprietary technology (peak flow meter app) and not on a broad model that would address quality and payment. Therefore, it was not approved.