COPD National Action Plan

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The COPD National Action Plan is the first-ever blueprint for a multi-faceted, unified fight against the disease. Developed at the request of Congress with input from the broad COPD community, it provides a comprehensive framework for action by those affected by the disease and those who care about reducing its burden. Because respiratory therapists play a significant role in the treatment and care of patients with COPD, their expertise is especially vital in carrying out a number of objectives in the plan that can lead to improved outcomes and better lives for those who suffer from COPD. AARC comments highlight the value of RTs as disease educators and experts in pulmonary medicine. For example, respiratory therapists are vital health care professionals in achieving the goal that empowers people with COPD, their families, and caregivers to recognize and reduce the burden of COPD. Moreover, as experts in pulmonary medicine, RTs will be at the forefront in helping to improve the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of COPD by improving the quality of care delivered across the health care continuum.