AARC Times Wants to Hear from You

 Updated: September 24, 2015

AARC Times is starting two new columns next year, and we need your stories to fill them up!

The first is called “Storytellers” and is a place where AARC members can share stories about their favorite or most memorable patient. Maybe it was an “aha moment” when you knew you had made the right professional decision for that patient. Maybe it was when you first realized how much difference you were making in the lives of that patient and his family. Or maybe it was just something the patient said or did that made you laugh or cry or just be inspired to be a better RT.

The second, “Reflections,” is geared especially toward AARC members who have recently retired from the profession. We’d like you to take a look back at your career or some aspect of it and tell us what it meant to you and why. Funny, sad, inspiring – the door is wide open!

So start brainstorming some ideas and then submit your stories to AARC Times Editor Marsha Cathcart at cathcart@aarc.org.